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Piezo Film Sensors

The piezo film sensors provide durable vibration, accelerometer, or dynamic switch elements for a wide range of markets and applications.

Piezoelectric fluoropolymer film has unique capabilities and produces voltage or charge proportional to dynamic strain.

The film is suited for many different custom designs, configurations, and applications, including versatile coaxial cable used for everything from security to musical instrument amplification.

Piezo Film


Photograph of product - DT1, SDT1


Photograph of product - Piezo Cable

Piezo Cable

Photograph of product - CM-01


Photograph of product - FLDT1


Package Unshielded element with twisted pair or shielded element with shielded cable Shielded coaxial 20 gage piezo cable Metallized plastic housing Unshielded film element with screen printed leads
Type Flexible film, adhesive mount Polymer jacketing, armored jacketing Contact microphone Flexible film, adhesive mount
Range 15 mV/μe up to 1% strain μPa sensitivity 40 V/mm; 8 Hz to 2.2 kHz 15 mV/, μe up to 1% strain
Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C (Higher available custom) -40°C to 85°C 5°C to 60°C -40°C to 70°C (Higher available custom)
Unique Features Thin, flexible, robust
Withstands >2% strain
Ultra-low-power (Self generating)
Continuous lengths of up to 1 km
Shielded construction

Low noise
Shielded construction
High sensitivity

Thin, flexible
Leads screen printed on film
Connects to a standard connector

Accuracy ±20% (Typical) ±20% (Typical) - ±20% (Typical)
Dimensions (mm) Application dependent Ø3 (Continuous lengths) Ø18 x 11 high 12 x 30 active; (Custom available)
Typical Applications Dynamic strain gage, contact microphone, acoustic pickup Perimeter and fence security, geophone, impact sensors, intrusion detection, seat occupancy (e.g. airbag), patient bed vital signs monitor Electronic stethoscope, contact microphone, vibration Event timing, dynamic strain, motion detection



Photograph of product - Sleep Monitor Strip

Sleep Monitor Strip

Photograph of product - BL Traffic sensor

BL Traffic sensor

Photograph of product - Laboratory Amplifyer

Laboratory Amplifyer

Photograph of product - 80 HZ transducers

80 HZ transducers

Package Unshielded element with crimps Center Core: 16 gage copper wire; Piezoelectric Material: Piezoelectric film cable; Outer Sheath: 0.016” thick brass Bench top Pin mounted
Type Flexible film, adhesive mount Spiral wrapped PVDF piezo film cable Piezo film lab amp Air ultrasound transducer
Range 15 mV/μe up to 1% strain 15 mV/μe up to 1% strain 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz 80 kHz
Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C (Higher available custom) -40°C to 70°C (Higher available custom) 0°C to 40°C -40°C to 70°C (Higher available custom)
Unique Features Thin, flexible, robust
Withstands >2% strain
Ultra-low-power (Self generating)
Flexible, durable, available in many lengths
Withstands >2% strain
Ultra-low-power (Self generating)
Voltage or charge mode settings
Multi-pole high-pass and low-pass filters
Adjustable gain
Small size
Low mechanical Q
Shielded package
Accuracy ±20% (Typical) ±20% (Typical) - ±20% (Typical)
Dimensions (mm) 28 um PVDF; 8mm x 800mm 0.260” wide x 0.063” thick; 0.005″ 150 x 100 x 100 Ø6 x 9
Typical Applications Respiration and heart beat monitoring for mattress or seat Traffic counting, classifying, toll booths, speed detection, red-light cameras Low-frequency dynamic strain, pyroelectric signals, machine vibration, piezo cable and traffic sensor interface Air ranging, ultrasonic mouse, digitizers



Photograph of product - NDT-1


Photograph of product - Tamper Box

Tamper Box

Photograph of product - ACH-01


Photograph of product - LDTC Family

LDTC Family

Package Adhesive mounted Flat film or box mounted Ceramic base, plastic cover, shielded cable Piezo film elements with or without mass
Type High-frequency ultrasound transducer Tamper detection sensor Adhesive mount Cantilever beam with vertical or horizontal pins
Range 3 MHz Application dependent ±250 g (Typical) ±10 g (Typical)
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 70°C
Unique Features Flexible
High bandwidth, low Q
Low impedance
Low power
Custom shapes and sizes
High security
Extremely high bandwidth
Low cost
Very low cost
High sensitivity (1 V/g)
Ultra-low-power (Self-generating)
Accuracy Application dependent Application dependent ±20% (Typical) ±20% (Typical)
Dimensions (mm) 12 x 30 Application dependent 18.80 x 13.21 x 6.10 19.05 x 6.35 x 6.35
Typical Applications Thickness measurement, speed of sound measurement, pulse/echo NDT Encryption modules, POS card readers, PIN entry devices Vibration sensing, gearbox and high-speed monitoring, high-speed bearings and centrifuges, speaker motional feedback Wake-up switch, load imbalance, antitheft devices, impact sensing, vital signs monitoring