Leica Materials and Earth Science Microscopes

IDM Instruments is the Australian distributor of Leica Microsystems products.

You need the right tools for reliable, high-quality imaging and analysis. Leica Microsystems is the single source for all your research needs. Along with expert local support, we offer a broad range of optics, imaging systems, software, and ergonomic accessories to design a system for your application.

Leica Microscopes for Materials & Eart Science products are sold in Australia by IDM Instruments.

Leica Materials & Eart Science Microscopes

Leica A60 Industrial Stereo Microscope. The Australian distributors are IDM Instruments

A60 F & A60 S Stereo Microscopes for Production

A60 F & A60 S Stereo Microscopes for Production
The intuitive A60 F and A60 S stereo microscopes fulfill what you need – high sample throughput, optimum visibility of product details and...
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DVM6 Digital Microscope

Leica Digital Microscope DVM6

The DVM6 digital microscope is a versatile solution that helps you gain insights during your sample investigations, stay focussed on your work...

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LIBS integrated microscope DM6 M, distributed in Australia by IDM Instruments

Leica DM6 M LIBS Microscope

90% time savings: Visual & chemical material inspection 2-in-1.  This integrated Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) microscope solution...
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Leica DMi8 Inverted microscope, distribution by IDM Instruments

Leica DMi8 M / C / A

Inverted Microscopes for Industry
Combine Leica optical quality, a wide range of contrast modes, and intuitive software in one system to help you speed up your workflow.
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M50, M60 & M80 stereo microscopes

Leica M50, M60 & M80 Stereo Microscopes

Easily inspect, screen, observe or document
Handle your daily inspection or documentation, work confidently, and stay flexible in times of change. The modular stereo microscopes of the M series...
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Geology, Environmental, Paleontology and Earth Science 

Research and discover solutions for routine to challenging environmental conservation and geoscience issues with versatile and reliable microscope systems from Leica Microsystems. Your work has a significant impact on advancing the understanding of the world around us, so your research tools must be powerful and accurate to support well-documented and reproducible results. Leica's line of ergonomic, high-quality microscopy solutions provide modular systems to help you inspect a broad range of materials with precise measurement and detailed analysis.

Materials Science, Physics, and Engineering

Be at the forefront of materials, physics and engineering research with high-quality microscope systems for scientific institutions. To aid your discoveries and testing, you need powerful, reliable and affordable microscopes, cameras and software to inspect, analyze, measure and document a variety of samples. Leica Microsystems features ergonomically designed, high-quality imaging systems to attack routine to the most challenging materials research applications.

So that you never miss a detail

Leica Microsystems provides a range of solutions for the different fields of activity of restorers, art historians, archaeologists and experts from related fields. All optimize detail-accurate work on the specimen, microscopic analysis of structures and materials as well as documentation.


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