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Aerospace & Defense

IDM Instruments distributes aerospace sensors and defense sensor solutions. Photograph of a plane including advanced aerospace monitoring sensors

When quality and reliability are paramount, aerospace & defense companies rely on our technology to help solve mission-critical challenges. These sensors have core competencies in high-reliability sensors for harsh environments such as temperature extremes, RFI, EMI, vibration, and lightning strikes make us a leading choice in sensor technology. 

  • Cockpit Controls
  • Flight Controls & Actuation
  • Landing Gear & Brakes
  • Cabin, Galley & Cargo
  • Launch & Space
  • Engine, Turbine & APU
  • Military (Missile, Ground Vehicle, Marine, UAV)

 Types of Sensors used in Aerospace & Defense 

Piezo Film Sensors

Piezo Film Sensors

The piezo film sensors provide durable vibration, accelerometer, or dynamic switch elements for a wide range of markets and applications.
Torque Sensors

Torque Sensors

Our torque sensors use advanced strain gage technology to satisfy the most demanding requirements for static and dynamic applications.
Vibration Sensors

Vibration Sensors

Our supplier has 20 years of designing and manufacturing vibration sensors based on proprietary Microelectromechanical System (MEMS), bonded gage and piezoelectric ceramic/film technologies. Voltage mode piezoelectric is the most popular accelerometer design due to its high level output and wide bandwidth.
Water Level Sensors

Water Level Sensors

We are a leading supplier of of water level and water quality sensors. Our expertise in media isolated pressure sensors offers unique advantages in creative product development and consistent product performance.

Applications of Sensors in Aerospace & Defence

Cockpit control sensors

  • Automatic autopilot disconnect force sensors
  • Motorized potentiometers for position feedback
  • Brake pedal position sensors
  • Rotary panel switches and sensors
  • Force sensors for fl ight data recording of pilot inputs
  • Throttle quadrant position sensors
  • Flap and spoiler lever position sensors

Flight control & actuation sensors

  • High lift load sensors
  • THSA secondary load path engagement sensors
  • Aileron LVDT position sensors
  • Resolvers for fl ap and slat position monitoring
  • Force and position sensors for spoiler electromechanical actuation
  • Brake actuator force sensors for rotorcraft

Landing Gear & Brakes

  • Brake torque sensors
  • Pressure sensors for nose wheel steering feedback
  • Resolvers for steering position
  • Load on wheels force sensors
  • Center of gravity force sensors

Cabin, Galley & Cargo

  • Cabin pressure indicator sensors
  • Waste tank level sensors
  • Environmental cabin control pressure sensors
  • Cargo humidity sensors
  • Galley temperature sensors
  • Air quality temperature sensors
  • Oxygen generation pressure transducers

Launch & Space

  • Payload monitoring vibration sensors
  • Thrust vectoring LVDT position sensors
  • Electrical actuator position resolvers
  • Booster separation potentiometers
  • Cryogenic fuel pressure transducers
  • Satellite temperature sensors
  • Mirror/antenna position LVDT sensors

Engine, Turbine & APU

  • Thermocouple harnesses for exhaust gas temperature
  • LVDT for thrust reverser position monitoring
  • Platinum 200 air temperature sensors
  • Variable bleed valve LVDT position sensors
  • Rotor track and balance accelerometers
  • Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) accelerometers
  • Thermistor heater fuel tank level and flow

Military (Missile, Ground Vehicle, Marine, UAV)

  • Missile fin actuation
  • Fuel tank level and flow sensors
  • Gun stabilization and shock measurement
  • Tamper detection for missiles
  • Electronic safe arm and fi re
  • Oil pressure and temperature sensors
  • Airspeed and altitude sensors