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Leica Digital Microscope DVM6

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Leica Digital Microscope DVM6
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DVM6 Digital Microscope

Adaptable setup for different samples

Find the solution that best fits your application and budget needs. There are different DVM6 configurations available.

Different DVM6 configurations

If your sample is too large or bulky for the standard DVM6 configurations, the modular DVM6 M offers you more flexibility for a wide range of applications.

With a special interface adapter, the DVM6 M zoom module can be used with selected stands from the Leica M series stereo microscopes for large (max. stage travel range: 150 x 100 mm) and tall (up to 340 mm) samples.

DVM6 Microscope electronics analysis Distributed by IDM Instruments AustraliaThe DVM6 digital microscope is a versatile solution that helps you gain insights during your sample investigations, stay focussed on your work thanks to a convenient operation, and improve reliability of results with reproducible imaging conditions.

With DVM6, you can:

  • Explore in a flexible way
  • Investigate your samples with ease
  • Rely on your results

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Technical Specification 

System Configurations


  standard, with motorized focus drive advanced, motorized focus drive and motorized XY-stage
DVM6 zoom module x x
Tilting Stand x x
XY-Stage manual x
Focus drive x x

LAS X software

Parameter recall x x
HDR x x
Image preview x x
Autofocus x x
Multifocus images x x
3D surface image x x
XY-Stitching manual x
XYZ-Stitching manual (no 3D) x
Annotations x x
2D Measurement
(Distance, Area, Angle)
x x
3D Measurement
(Distance, Area, Angle, Profile, Volume)
x x
Zoom module    


Camera Image sensor 1/2.3" CMOS, 3664 x 2748 Pixel
  Image resolution 2MP (1600 x 1200)
    5MP (2592 x 1944)
    10MP (3648 x 2736)
  framerate (max) 37 fps @ 1600x1200 live image
Autofocus Sensor CMOS based sensor
  Options local or global
  Modes single autofocus, continuous autofocus
Iris diaphragm motorized, software controlled  

Objectives (*) according  ISO/DIS 18221

PlanAPO FOV 43.75 working distance: 60 mm max. magnification: 190:1 max. resolution: 415 lp/mm
PlanAPO FOV 12.55 working distance: 33 mm max. magnification: 675:1 max. resolution: 1073 lp/mm
PlanAPO FOV 3.60 working distance: 5 mm max. magnification: 2350:1 max. resolution: 2366 lp/mm

Tilting stand

Tilt angle max. ± 60° tilt angle encoded and displayed
Handling one handed (weight compensation)  
  0° index for home position  


travel range

70 mm x 50 mm


1 µm


max. ± 180°

specimen weight (max load)

max. 2 kg

Focus drive

travel range 60 mm
resolution 0.25 µm (motorized)
  0.50 µm (manual)


ring light integrated in objectives for the Leica DVM6
  LED light source, software controlled
  4 segments switchable
coaxial light integrated in tilting stand,
available for FOV 12.55 & FOV 3.60 objectives
  LED light source, software controlled
transmitted light cable-free insert for XY-stage (optional)
  LED light source, software controlled

Optional accessories

ring light adapters Diffusor
  Low angle adapter
BLI for DVM6 transmitted light insert on XY-stage
Interface module connect DVM6 zoom module to Leica (M series) focus column
Travel case  

 Access all the Technical Downloads

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Gain insights for failure-analysis and R&D applications with one versatile solution, the DVM6. Seamlessly investigate various samples Go easily and rapidly from macro to micro: Get the overview of your sample and quickly see the fine details thanks to the 16:1 zoom range and three parfocal PlanApo objectives. See details as small as 0.4 micrometers.


Find the objective that best fits your needs Low magnification objective: Ideally suited for large overviews which help you search and find efficiently regions of interest on your sample. It provides a max. field of view (FOV) of 43.75 mm, a long working distance up to 60 mm, and magnifications up to 190x. Mid magnification objective: Gain more insights quickly and easily for your everyday work. It features a max. FOV of 12.55 mm, a comfortable working distance up to 33 mm, and a magnification range of 46x to 675x. High magnification objective: See more fine details of your sample, down to 425 nm. It is capable of a max. FOV of 3.60 mm and a magnification up to 2,350x.

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Leica Digital Microscope DVM6
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