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Leica DM6 M LIBS Microscope

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Leica DM6 M LIBS Microscope
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LIBS integrated microscope DM6 M

90% time savings: Visual & chemical material inspection 2-in-1

 This integrated Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) microscope solution delivers the exact chemical fingerprint of the material’s structure that you see in the microscope image.

  • 2 systems in 1 for visual & chemical analysis
  • 1 second to a chemical fingerprint
  • 0 sample preparation

By combining tools to analyze the microstructure composition of the sample you have all the information within one second to make the right decisions.

The data obtained is sufficient in >90% of cases for users to make confident decisions rapidly concerning further actions to be taken (e.g., if more detailed analysis with SEM is needed to identify the source of contamination).*

*based on user feedback


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Cleanliness Analysis of Components The DM6 M LIBS 2-in-1 system combined with the Cleanliness Expert analysis software enables you to do visual and chemical inspection on filter samples with a single instrument and workflow. This way, the source of contamination can be found more easily.


no sample preparation nor transfer; no system adjustment; and no relocating the region of interest (ROI). Reduce the workflow


Save 90% time for chemical analysis compared to typical methods involving electron microscopy* and Quick, confident decision making based on reliable information about the material, both visual and chemical. *proof available upon request

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Qty Product
Leica DM6 M LIBS Microscope
  • Price:

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