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Voltage Touch Monitor

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Voltage Touch Monitor
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Voltage Touch Monitor

The Voltage Touch Monitor enables the identification of voltage problems that usually remain hidden. It can detect as little as 1/10 volt in two modes: DC and AC/Spikes (ESD transients).

With the touch of a finger, Voltage Touch Monitor can be reliably used to warn and educate those who work in the most static-sensitive environments, including areas in which a fraction of a volt is critical. When used to verify the operation of wrist straps and conductive footwear, it detects problems in the entire system. This includes unexpected bad ground plugs, bad floor conductance, voltage transients or AC that may be present from the air near ionizers or from contact with equipment that has a ground fault.


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  • Range: 0 to +/- 1999.9 VDC (+/- 1000.0 VAC);
  • Resolution: 1/10 V;
  • Accuracy: Initially +/- 2% of reading +/- 0.1 V;
  • Drift: If the finger is held in place a long time, the monitor will continue to display the voltage, updating 2.5 times/sec. The AC voltage does not drift, but DC drift is an additional +/- 1% of the reading per minute. Added to that is an offset drift of +/- 0.2 V per minute. When the finger is taken away, the monitor resets, and all offsets disappear;
  • Circuit Loading: Minimum resistance is 100 T ohms (1014 ohms). Maximum capacitance at the sensor plate is 10 pF;
  • AC function: 2% accuracy is for 50-60 Hz only; it is less sensitive to higher harmonics. Press the AC button while simultaneously holding finger on the sensor square. A red light indicates AC. Display shows average absolute value of the 50-60 Hz voltage present. (If the source is a sine wave, peak voltage is 1.57x the reading, and RMS voltage is 1.11x the reading.);
  • Environment: Temperature range for use and storage: -10 to +50 C. RH: 0 to 85%. Sensor plate can withstand low-current static up to +/- 20kV. Not intended for measuring an electroststic pinning machine or connection to a high-voltage supply over 2kV;
  • Display speed: 2.5 updates per second. Full response to a sudden change is 1/2 second;
  • Dimensions: 14cm (5.7") H / 9cm (3.5") W / 4.5cm (1.75") T. Weight: 240 grams;
  • Power: AC adaptor (included) 12 VDC unregulated, center positive. Approximately 10 ma of current is used. Accidental reverse polarity up to 25V will not harm the meter;
  • Includes: Monitor, AC adaptor, 20 foot grounding cable, hard carry case, and Calibration Certificate. As shipped, the monitor is ready to use.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Accurate

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Qty Product
Voltage Touch Monitor
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