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TensileMill CNC MINI

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TensileMill CNC MINI
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Compact flat tensile specimen preparation machine
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TensileMill CNC Mini - reliable flat tensile specimen production to meet Australian standards.

A compact flat tensile test sample preparation machine. Its small footprint and easy operations make it the perfect turnkey solution for even the untrained CNC machinist. It provides accurate and repeatable results from your tensile specimen production every time.

Produce your flat tensile samples with minimum effort and fuss. The TensileMill CNC MINI has a built in LCD screen to control the machine .

Prepare samples for testing to meet the ASTM testing standards for tensile specimen preparation - ASTM E8, ASTM B557, ASTM A370 and also ISO standard flat sample production for ISO6892.

All you have to do with the Carbon software that powers the milling interface is to enter your required measurements.

Prepare your tensile specimens from a variety of materials including hard materials like Inconel.

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Technical Specifications


44.5 x 42.00 x 70.0 in (1130 x 1066 x 1778mm)
Working/ Traveling Area
400mm x 400mm x 200mm ( 15.75 x 15.75 x 7.87 inch)
1500 lb (680 kg)
T-Slot Size
12mm (0.472 inch)
Unit Dimensions: Closed Door (LxWxH)
1829 x 1092 x 1321mm (72 x 43 x 44 inch)
Unit Dimensions: Open Door (LxWxH)
1829 x 1855 x 1321 mm (72 x 73 x 52 inch)
Suggested Floor Dimensions (LxWxH)
2100 x 2000mm (82.7 x 78.5 inch)


Rotating Speed of Spindle
Spindle Motor Power
2.2 KW (3hp) Water Cooling spindle
ER 20 Collet / ISO20 Optional


Servo Power
0.54 hp (400 W)
Servo Torque
566.0 oz-in (4.0 Nm)
Max Feedrate
500 ipm (12.7 m/min)


Input Voltage
220 V 1 ph
Total Power
3.3 kW (15 Amps)


Controlling Code
Tensile Soft - TensileMill interface on 10" Touch Screen Control
Full Carbon CNC Package
Upgrade Available

Machine Volume

Loudest Volume at Point of Entry 70 - 90 dB

Additional Features

Position Repeatability Accuracy 0.01mm / 0.0003"
Max Engraving Speed
10,000mm/min / 394"/min
Motor Drive Servo
Drive Mechanism
Precision Ballscrew
Tool Shank Up to 12.00mm / 0.47"
Frame Cast iron
Connection Requirements Pneumatic (optional)


TurnKey Package
Standard with Main Instrument
(1) .250" ER Collet  
(1) .250" Shank Endmill  
(1) Custom Tensile Clamp Fixture
Applicable for ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS and EN standards
3 Axis Servo Motor
Upgrade Available


Small Footprint Perfect for untrained operators Full turnkey solution User-friendly operations Accurate, repeatable sample production

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Qty Product
TensileMill CNC MINI
  • Price:

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