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Color Touch Testing Machine

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Color Touch Testing Machine
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TND-AIC012513E - M1
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Color Touch Testing Machine

The Color Touch Testing Machine tests the following optical properties of paper according to industry standards including Color, opacity, ERIC 950, whiteness, ISO Brightness, color difference

  • Brightness evaluation
  • High resolution spectrometer
  • Stored reference standards
  • Internal calibration routine
  • Pulsed Xenon flash lamp
  • Exact conformance with ISO Optical Standards
  • Effective Residual Ink Concentration (ERIC*)
  • Innovative Sample Backing Wheel
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • PROFILE/Plus Automated Testing System Ready

Consistence in visual characteristics of paper products most often drives the market acceptance of a product, the Color Touch Testing Machine supplies unmatched capacity for appearance evaluation. ISO Optical Standards, with the same optical design, spectral detectors, and analyzers as Technidyne’s other spectrophotometers.

Designed to be in exact compliance with ISO Optical Standards, the PROFILE/Plus™ Color Touch utilizes the same optical design, spectral detectors, and analyzers as Technidyne’s other spectrophotometers, the Color Touch 2 and the Color Touch PC. Incorporating this standardization with PROFILE/Plus™ automation produces a powerful evaluation tool for the paper industry.

  • Versatility – The PROFILE/Plus™ Color Touch can measure the same sample under.
  • 3 different UV sources and calculate color data with 6 color spaces, 10 illuminants
  • 2 observers.
  • Configurability - PROFILE/Plus™ Color Touch can be optionally equipped with ERIC 950TM technology for measuring recycled content and deinking efficiency.
  • Ingenuity – Many different sample backings allow you to design test routines specific to machines and grades. PROFILE/Plus Automated Testing System Ready.

Features of Color Touch Testing Machine

Exact Conformance with ISO Optical Standards

The International Organization for Standardization, ISO, has established a series of standards to be followed when evaluating the optical characteristics of paper products. The PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch is in exact conformance with ISO 2469 and 2470 for the measurement of ISO Brightness.

High Resolution Spectrometer

Designed to be in exact compliance with ISO Optical Standards, the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch utilizes the same optical design, spectral detectors and analyzers as Technidyne’s other spectrophotometers, the ColorTouch 2 and the ColorTouch PC.

Stored Reference Standards

Samples may be measured under two ISO calibrated sources - C (ISO Brightness), D65 (outdoor daylight), and UV-EX (no uv energy). Once calibration of these sources is completed the instrument stores all settings so that calibration can be accomplished internally each time a different source is selected. Spectral data measurements can be made with and without fluorescence excitation. This allows complete analysis of the optical brightener’s impact on the samples brightness, whiteness and color shift.

Internal Calibration Routine

Technidyne provides a disk which contains all the calibration data required for the instrument. All the operator needs to do is select the calibration function and follow the directions presented on the screen. The operator is not required to enter any data, which eliminates errors in data entry.

Pulsed Xenon Lamp

The PROFILE/Plus Color Touch uses the latest technology for sample illumination. This pulsed xenon lamp has an expected life of over 1 million measurements, which ensures excellent stability.

Innovative Sample Backing Wheel

The innovative sample backing wheel can accommodate a total of 6 different backings which are stored in the software. This allows the system to automatically recall the proper backing for the particular grade of paper being measured.

Certificate of Calibration

Certificate of Calibration traceability to the ISO level III calibration is provided with each PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch. This helps to ensure compliance with quality systems and norms. Effective Residual Ink Concentration ERIC* (Optional)* By converting the infrared reflectance measurement of paper to a coefficient for light absorption, ERIC technology provides a control parameter specifically to measure the residual ink content of secondary fiber.

Benefits of Color Touch Testing Machine 

  • Exact conformance with ISO Optical Standards ensures that the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch will provide precise and accurate measurement data. This means that optical properties of the sheet can be controlled more closely thereby saving money on chemical addition and reduction of culled paper.
  • Effective Residual Ink Concentration (ERIC) is an optional measurement for PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch. It provides valuable information to more easily control deinking processes to lower the cost of chemical addition.
  • The innovative sample backing wheel allows the use of different backings in order to conform exactly to industry standards. This reduces testing time and ensures correct measurements for controlling the process and reducing costs.
  • Internal calibration routine means that the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch has a calibration process which optimizes instrument functions to reduce labor costs. The swing-in standard helps extend the time between primary calibrations and improves repeatability and reproducibility. This helps to lower operating costs and ensure accurate and reliable data.
  • A Pulsed Xenon flash lamp is used for sample illumination in the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch. Each one has an expected life of over 1 million measurements to keep replacement costs low and ensure stability. The PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch measures multiple properties simultaneously thus speeding up data collection and optimizing testing resources to save time and money.

Applicable Testing Standards for Color Touch Testing Machine 

• ISO 2469 - Paper, board and pulps — Measurement of diffuse radiance factor (diffuse reflectance factor)
• ISO 2470 - Paper, board and pulps — Measurement of diffuse blue reflectance factor
• ISO 2471 - Paper and board — Determination of opacity (paper backing) — Diffuse reflectance method
• ISO 3688 - Pulps — Preparation of laboratory sheets for the measurement of diffuse blue reflectance factor (ISO brightness)
• ISO 5631 - Determination of colour by diffuse reflectance — Part 2: Outdoor daylight conditions (D65/10 degrees)
• ISO 9416 - Determination of light scattering and absorption coefficients (using Kubelka-Munk theory)
• ISO 11475 - Determination of CIE whiteness, D65/10 degrees (outdoor daylight)
• ISO 11476 - Determination of CIE whiteness, C/2 degrees (indoor illumination conditions)
• ISO 12625 - Tissue paper and tissue products
• ISO 22754 - Determination of the effective residual ink concentration (ERIC number) by infrared reflectance measurement
• ISO 22891 - Paper — Determination of transmittance by diffuse reflectance measurement
• TAPPI T519 - Diffuse opacity of paper (d/0 paper backing)
• TAPPI T525 - Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0) – ultraviolet level C
• TAPPI T527 - Color of paper and paperboard (d/0, C/2) Test Method TAPPI/ANSI T 527 om-19
• TAPPI T534 - Brightness of Clay and Other Mineral Pigments (d/0 diffuse)
• TAPPI T560 - CIE whiteness and tint of paper and paperboard (d/0 geometry, C/2 illuminant /observer), Test Method T 560 om-10
• TAPPI T567 - Determination of effective residual ink concentration (ERIC) by infrared reflectance measurement
• PAPTAC E.1, E.2, E.5, E.8


  • Print
  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Pulp

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Color Touch Testing Machine
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