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Stiffness of Cloth Tester (Motorised)

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Stiffness of Cloth Tester (Motorised)
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Stiffness of Cloth Tester (Motorised)

The Stiffness of Cloth Tester (Motorised) measure the stiffness of non woven fabrics. It uses the by cantilever bending of the fabric under its own weight. Thus calculating the bending length and flexural rigidity.

To test a sample, firstly, set the instrument on a flat, rigid surface. Then, place the specimen slide assembly on the top of the horizontal platform. If your instrument includes the hand crank, ensure the specimen slide assembly is aligned within the slide plate. Finally using the leveling bubble on the specimen slide assembly as a guide, adjust the leveling feet. Thus, such that the platform is horizontal. If the bubble is centred, no adjustment is necessary. The Stiffness of Cloth Tester (Motorised) works on a motor and thus requires less efforts.


  • Most non woven fabrics that are treated or untreated, as well as heavily sized, coated or resin treated.


  • Motorised specimen feeding unit 120 mm/min ± 10%
  • Indicator inclined at an angle of 41.5°
  • Moving Slide weighing 270g ± 5g
  • Bulls eye level
  • Adjustable levelling screws
  • Optional Cutting Die: 25mm x 200mm ±1mm
  • Optional Cutting Template: 25mm x 200mm
  • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 350mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 5kg


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Accurate


  • ASTM D5732-95 (2001)

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Qty Product
Stiffness of Cloth Tester (Motorised)
  • Price:

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