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PET Bottle Pressure (Burst) Tester

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PET Bottle Pressure (Burst) Tester
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PET Bottle Pressure (Burst) Tester

The PET Bottle Pressure (Burst) Tester is an advanced testing equipment for testing the PET bottles. It conforms to the three international common testing methods. Which are  (1) Ramp Fill Mode; (2) Burst Mode; (3) User-Defined Mode.

The machine uses a touch screen interface with automatic affusion, clamping the sample, and testing. Servo valve controls the Pressurizing process. The digital screen displays test data and records it as well. The system can connect to a PC. That is using professional CND-PEBT software. This displays the pressure and volume expansion curves. Thus, this machine provides an accurate analysis of results.


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  • Controlled via touch screen, with RS232 data output and CND-PEBT software.
  • Applicable for different sized PET bottles
  • Graphical real-time testing curve display
  • Comprehensive report data
  • Protection shield is equipped near the water outlet preventing fragment block after sample burst. Assembled with external filter, reducing the influence on the gauge caused by impurity in water.
  • Solenoid Valve and high-pressure filter are installed between water cylinder and servo valve to prevent water flowing back to servo valve from the fulfilled water cylinder in case the level sensor became problematic.
  • Pressure reducing valve is installed on air inlet in case of the over high pressure supply causing damage to the gauge.
  • High-pressure filter is installed on air inlet to prevent the impurity of air supply damaging the servo valve.
  • Pressure releasing valve is installed in test station to release the air quickly protecting the machine from the rushing pressure when the bottle burst.
  • Electrical station is separated from pressurizing station to prevent from the water entering. Filling head, copper clamp and connector of calibration meter are durable and anti- verdigris after chromating treatment.
  • Extra door lock device is assembled to protect operator during the test. With the door proximity switch, test will not start unless the door is closed, which is in conformity to safety protecting requirement.
  • With calibration function, configured with a pressure calibration meter and a volume calibration flask, convenient for calibrating.


  • Simple and convenient operating
  • Touch-screen controlled
  • Graph displaying of the testing curve
  • Comprehensive report data after tests

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Qty Product
PET Bottle Pressure (Burst) Tester
  • Price:

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