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Paper Deinking Tester

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Paper Deinking Tester
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ERIC 950
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Paper Deinking Tester

Paper Deinking Tester - ERIC 950® measurement has quickly adopted in most recycling mills and today it stands as a critical quality and process control tool for the deinking world. This tester offers unique insights and understanding to the deinking process and how effective your processes are at removing ink.

Measuring energy at 950nm (NIR) the ERIC 950® measurement can easily separate other contaminants from ink. Isolating the ink allows us to then quantify the effect the remaining ink is having on the appearance of the pulp. Getting this information back in to your hands, puts you in charge of determining what needs to be done to achieve the level of deinking required for your operations.

​Often the need to understand the impact ink has on Brightness is the most critical parameter. As an option on the Color Touch X®, the ERIC 950® is a fully functioning spectrophotometer that will also provide ISO Brightness, Color, Fluorescence, Opacity and many other testing capabilities. As part of the Color Touch family of spectrophotometers the ERIC 950® will meet and exceed your testing needs for your deinking operations.

Features of Paper Deinking Tester - ERIC 950®

  • Expanded Wavelength Range - Provides improved analysis of UV region
  • New Intuitive Operator Interface - Simple and responsive
  • Data Trending - Trend data over time, grade run, shifts, etc.
  • Simultaneous Grade Tracking - Track multiple grades from different sources at the same time
  • Pass/Fail Alerts - Immediate notification of out of spec measurements
  • APP Technology - Provides the foundation for adding new features as they become available or the development of custom APPS for your specific measurement or calculation

​Touchscreen Operation

  • Point & Touch and the ColorTouchTMX does the rest Preprogrammed test routine to allow for easy set-up and testing
  • Does not require an external PC
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Swing-in Calibration Standard

Advanced Data Analysis

  • Trending data allows for tracking grades over several samples
  • Compare multiple samples on various color plots
  • Establish optical tolerances on grades for PASS/FAIL analysis

Spectral Data Capabilities

  • Spectrophotometric data for comprehensive understanding of dyes, fillers and other colorants
  • Greater accuracy of colorimetric data
  • Thorough analysis of metameric color matches



  • Paper
  • Pulp


  • Touch-Screen Interface
  • Data Export in CSV and XML via Ethernet or USB
  • FTP server connection capability
  • Remore Support w/ embedded TeamViewer
  • Automated Calibration w/swingIn “working” standard
  • APP Technology built-in for adding new features
  • Exact conformance to ISO standards


  • TAPPI T567 - Determination of effective residual ink concentration (ERIC) by infrared reflectance measurement
  • TAPPI ISO 22754 - Pulp and paper — Determination of the effective residual ink concentration (ERIC number) by infrared reflectance measurement

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Qty Product
Paper Deinking Tester
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