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Electric Incinerator

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Electric Incinerator
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Electric Incinerator

The Electric Incinerator burns waste in an environmentally sustainable manner.  This machine is popular all around the globe. Especially, in paper, pulp and board industry.

The machines gives a residue in the form ash content on ignition at 900*C. This standard is universally acceptable for waste management.

The INCIN's ignition chamber has been designed in a way that its size enables an optimized operation according to this test procedure. It is made of fine heat resistant ceramic and mounted in a stainless steel chamber filled with asbestos free thermal insulating materials, that ensure high efficience with low energy consumption. * Cast iron base, adjustable supporting structure and device for removal of the residue from the ignition chamber ensure a comfortable and safety operation.

Testing Procudre of the Electric Incinerator

The procedure includes inserting the sample in ignition chamber. This is a thermal furnace at 900 degree Celsius. Thus, all the organic content is burned here. As a result, remaining only the inorganic components.

Finally, as we compare the initial weight of the sample and the final weight. This gives us the percentage of residue with an analytic scale.

Optional accessory with the Electric Incinerator

  • Analytical scale model AG-200 with 210,000 g capacity and 0.1 mg resolution (0.001g)


  • Working temperature in the furnace (900 + 25)oC
  • Internal dimensions of the furnace 25 mm x 120 mm


  • Power supply 220 VCA, 200 W, single phase
  • Dimensions (350 x 180 x 300) mm (W x L x H)
  • Weight 8 kg


  • Easy to use

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Qty Product
Electric Incinerator
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