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Disintegrator Machine

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Disintegrator Machine
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Disintegrator Machine

The Disintegrator machine is useful for laboratory wet disintegration of pulp and for the correct preparation of pulp suspensions. This preparation is a key point for the determination of refining degree. Thus, the test is in accordance to the Schopper-Riegler and Canadian Freeness methods. And useful for the preparation of laboratory sheets for physical testing which is according to the conventional and Rapid-Kothen methods.

Its design allows separation of interlaced fibers which were free in the pulp stock that too without changing their structural properties. The construction of the Disintegrator machine is sturdy. Moreover, most components are corrosion resistant. Especially those coming in contact with water because these are made from hard Nickle bronze, stainless steel as well. Thus, ensuring long life which is almost maintenance free.

The Disintegrator machine incorporates a sturdy push start button, stainless steel reservoir and a sensor for detection of the presence of reservoir in test position, ensuring absolute safety for users.

Significance of laboratory wet disintegration of pulp

Test results on handsheets made with this procedure are often used to describe properties of market pulps. The results are also used to determine properties of mixtures of hardwood/softwood or of fiber species to obtain desired properties for machine made papers. 




  • Container with spiral baffles 3.4 L total volume
  • Rotational frequency of the propeller 2900 rpm
  • Digital controller for the number of rotations programable up to 999.999 rotation with automatic shut-off at end of test.
  • Container with two handles and bascule propeller assembly with integrated drive system and safety switch result into a safe, reliable and comfortable operation.
  • Pattern to determine propeller's wear delivered with the DSG-2000.


  • Electrical supply 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 350 W, others available under request.
  • Dimensions (260 x 560 x 420) mm (W x L x H)
  • Weight 30kg
  • Optional accessories: Filer for water model GS2000UV - 5 L/min according to ISO 14487
  • Semi-analytic scale model BG-2000, 2.020,00 g cap. and 0.01g resolution


  • ISO 5263-1 - Pulps — Laboratory wet disintegration — Part 1: Disintegration of chemical pulps
  • ISO 5263-2 - Pulps — Laboratory wet disintegration — Part 2: Disintegration of mechanical pulps at 20 degrees C
  • TAPPI T-205 - Forming hand sheets for physical tests of pulp

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Qty Product
Disintegrator Machine
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