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Color Fastness Tester

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Color Fastness Tester
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Color Fastness Tester

The Colour Fastness Tester has been manufactured to test the colourfastness of textile to light, using an artificial light source as per AS 2001.4.21. The Color Fastness Tester determines the color fastness of textiles. The instrument does this by using an artificial light source. Therefore, it ensures the quality testing of fabrics. The test method is applicable to textiles in any form but is not applicable to photochromatic coloured textiles. 

Colour Fastness Tester Apparatus details

  • A hollow cylinder of aluminium open at both ends with an internal diameter of 400mm and a length of 300mm is the main apparatus frame. The lamp is mounted centrally allowing even distribution around the circumference of the cylinder.
  • Lamp 500W Mercury Vapour, tungsten filament, internally phosphor-coated, fluorescent lamp.
  • 12 Specimen Carriers suitable to carry test specimens and the Blue Light Fastness Scale (as per AS2001.4.21)
  • 12 Cover Strips 20 mm wide and 12 cover strips 40mm wide to cover half of each specimen
  • Black Panel Thermometer: with a black panel 70mm x 150mm facing the light source when mounted and the reverse side being thermally insulated. It is recommended in AS2001.4.21 that a voltage stabiliser can be used to ensure voltage fluctuations do not effect the testing.
  • One Count down timer to automatically turn light off when predetermined exposure time is complete.

Test Speciments for the Color Fastness Test

  • Fabric: when testing fabric use specimens no less than 15mm x 60mm.
  • Yarn: when testing yarn, knit a specimen of the yarn into the fabric and use a piece no less than 15mm x 60mm. Alternatively, form an opaque layer of parallel threads by winding the yarn onto a U-shaped frame to obtain the size of the specimen required for testing. If necessary, mount the specimen on a card.
  • Fibre: when testing loose fibre, comb and compress a specimen of the fibre sufficient to give a uniform surface not less than 15mm x 60mm which is sufficiently thick to provide uniformity of colour, and mount it on a card.



  • Fabrics
  • Fibres
  • Yarn
  • NOT polychromatic coloured textiles


  • 500 Watt lamp
  • 12 Sample holders
  • Black panel thermometer
  • Hour Timer
  • Countdown Timer
  • Optional Centering Device
  • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 650mm x 500mm
  • Weight: 10kg


  • Fast
  • Reliable


  • AS 2001.4.21 - Colourfastness tests — Determination of colourfastness to light using an artificial light source (mercury vapour, tungsten filament, internally phosphor-coated lamp)

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Qty Product
Color Fastness Tester
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