IDM's Crease & Stiffness Tester

With the ongoing commitment to product design and manufacturing improvements, IDM’s new-look model of Crease and Stiffness Tester C0039-M3 has been launched.

This unit tests the “spring back” or crease recovery of carton board used in the printing and packaging industries by determining the resistance offered by creased samples and measuring the recovery force after 15 seconds.

Including options such as adjustable jaws, bend length and IDM’s CST software, samples can be easily testing and results can be viewed or stored with stiffness/crease ratios. Reports can be created and saved for QA use. A sample cutter C0016 to quickly and easily prepare material for testing is also available.

Relevant Testing Standards

  • BS 6965 - Creasing properties of carton board
  • BS 3748 - Method for the determination of stiffness of board
  • ISO 2493 - Paper and Board–Determination of resistance to bending
  • PMI 068 - Philip Morris, Determination of the spring-back force of packaging materials.
  • SCAN P29 Bending resistance
  • TAPPI T556 - Bending resistance of paper and paperboard by single-point bending method
  • ISO 5628 - Paper and board — Determination of bending stiffness — General principles for two-point, three-point and four-point methods
  • GB/T 2679.3 - Paper and Board – Determination of resistance to bending
  • GB/T 23144 - Paper and Board – Determination of bending stiffness by static methods Generation principle

Check out complete details and available Crease and Stiffness tester models here 

Crease and Stiffness Testers

Crease and Stiffness Testers

Crease and stiffness testers are useful to test carton board, paper, printing and packaging materials. These... Product Details
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