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Leica Digital Microscope Emspira 3

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Leica Digital Microscope Emspira 3
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Leica Emspira digital microscope on a stand with a built in display showing electronics.

Emspira 3 is designed for all users of any skill level. Ooperate the system intuitively with minimal training.

Integrated on-screen display means there is no need for a stand alone PC. The customizable interface allows you to simplify the operation by hiding functions not needed and make it as lean as desired, while still meeting your needs.

You can now control user access to specific functions in regulated production environments. With clearly defined user roles, you can protect the system from unwanted changes and ensure a user interface that supports the job function of the user.function of the user.

Using integrated display of the Leica Emspira 3 microscope, distributed by IDM Instrumetns Melbourne

With the Enspira 3 you can spend less time on manual white balance and exposure time settings, particularly for reflective samples.

Obtain a balanced high-contrast image and automatically adjust the camera settings for your region of interest.

Automatic camera adjustment to obtain images easier and faster, regardless of expertise levels.

Crisp photograph of electronic component taken with Emspira 3 distributed by IDM Instrument

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 Technical Specification

General optic Data  
Max. FoVx 76.1 mm
Max. FoVy 42.8 mm
Max. DoF 40.5 mm
Working distance 303 – 19 mm
Optical data for PlanApo 1.0x  
Max. measurement accuracy @ 0.75x zoom +/- 1%
Max. measurement accuracy @ 6.0x zoom +/- 0.5%
Objective Optics carrier  
Coding Fully coded zoom
Click-stop feature Eight switchable positions, for repetitive tasks
Microscope camera specifications  
Live image on an HDMI monitor at up to 60 fps (3,840 × 2,160 pixels)
Full-screen image capture at 12 MP
Antimicrobial surface AgTreatTM according to ISO 22196
Protection rating IP 21


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Enhanced communication for fast decisions Measure and annotate directly during visual inspection without a PC In stand-alone mode, you can measure multiple regions on the sample in the live image and save the results with it. Easily highlight features and areas of interest on the sample by adding comments and conclusions, as text and graphical elements, to the image. Directly compare to references with a single click Pass/fail decision making is made easier by comparing the live image directly to reference images or customized overlays with a single click. It is especially helpful for recurring tasks, e.g. checking if parts or components are within specified tolerances


Streamline your inspection process Get easy access to images for all A flexible solution you can rely on Streamline your inspection process Make Emspira 3 your integrated solution for comparison, measurement, and data sharing, allowing you to optimize your inspection and ditch the PC. Inspect with a single system Emspira 3 helps you to perform comprehensive visual inspection tasks without a PC. Its integrated on-screen display (OSD) provides intuitive tools for stand-alone operation. Gone are the days of changing between workstations! Save time with quick sample identification Record and identify your sample quickly with a barcode scanner. What’s more, you can always trace your image back to your sample by automatically recording the identifier code with the acquired image.

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Qty Product
Leica Digital Microscope Emspira 3
  • Price:

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