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Large Ball Impact Tester

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Large Ball Impact Tester
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Large Ball Impact Tester

The Large Ball Impact Tester measures the resistances of impact on laminates using a large diameter ball. This is defined as the maximum height for which no visible surface cracking, or imprint greater than the specified diameter, occurs in five (5) successive strikes.

Thus, Large Ball Impact Tester is useful for quality testing of laminates as well as plastic films. Especially, for materials requiring high impact resistance. Thu, ensuring durability of these materials and avoid breakage. It has been designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO Standard 4586-2 & 24335. 

Equiment Apparatus

The Large Ball Impact Tester consists of the following:

  • Frame: aluminium construction, with aluminium control box
  • Steel Scale: stainless steel, measuring 1 meter
  • Base Plate: solid steel construction mounted under the frame, measuring 450mm x 475mm
  • Clamping Frame Base: solid steel construction, measuring 450mm x 450mm which the specimen clamp rests on
  • Specimen Clamp: aluminium construction, measuring 270mm x 270mm which rests on the Clamping Frame Base
  • Steel Ball: with a mass of 324g ± 5.0g and a diameter of 42.8mm ± 0.2mm with no damaged or flattened areas on its surface
  • Electromagnet: mounted onto the frame, with an adjustable height

Laminate Test Specimens

Specimens for testing shall be prepared 230mm ± 5mm square.

  • For laminates with a thickness less than 2.0mm, test specimens will need to be bonded to wood chipboard (as per ISO standard specifications) using a specified adhesive. The test specimen will need to be pre-conditioned to ISO standard specifications.
  • For laminates with a thickness greater than 2.0mm and less than 5.0mm, this can be clamped to the frame ensuring it is in contact with the chipboard.
  • For laminates with a thickness greater than 5.0mm, the chipboard does not need to be used. Specimens can be simply clamped to the frame alone.

It is suggested that one (1) specimen be used to conduct each test.

Operating Instructions

  • Ensure the Base Plate is level to the floor prior to commencing the test
  • Prepare the specimen (as per section 3: Test Specimens)
  • Clamp the laminate specimen in the clamping frame
  • Place this assembly on the base plate of the Large Ball Impact Tester
  • Cover the laminate specimen with a sheet of carbon paper, ensuring the coated face is in contact with the decorative surface.
  • Adjust the height scale making sure its base is touching the face of the laminate specimen.
  • Position the electromagnet at any arbitrary height
  • Place the large steel ball under the electromagnet
  • To initiate testing, press either the DROP button or use the Foot Switch so that the ball falls on the laminate specimen
  • To avoid the ball impacting the specimen multiple times, the operator MUST CATCH the ball after the first fall

Due to the dustrive nbature of the test process, safety glasses should be worn at all times. 

Test Results

Once a test has ended, check the impact spot. If cracking is visible, or the carbon imprint is greater than the diameter specified in the standard, adjust the electromagnet at a lower height and repeat the test.

If no cracking is visible, and the imprint is smaller than the specified diameter in the standard, adjust the electromagnet at a greater height and repeat the test.

Repeat the testing procedure as necessary to determine the impact resistance. 

A test report may be constructed including the following information:

  • Reference to ISO 4586 standard
  • Name and type of product tested
  • Impact resistance, expressed in centimetres
  • Indentation diameter, expressed in millimetres
  • Any deviation from the specified test method
  • Date the test was conducted


  • Laminates
  • Floor Coverings


  • Aluminium frame construction
  • Solid steel base plate 450mm x 475mm
  • Solid steel clamping frame base 450mm x 450mm
  • Specimen clamp 270mm x 270mm
  • Steel Ball 324g ± 5.0g with diameter 42.8mm ± 0.2mm
  • Electromagnet
  • Foot Switch


  • ISO 24335:2006 - Laminate floor coverings — Determination of impact resistance
  • ISO 4586-2 - High-pressure decorative laminates (HPL, HPDL) — Sheets based on thermosetting resins (usually called laminates) — Part 2: Determination of properties
  • EN 438-2: 2005

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