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Filler Dispersion Grader

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Filler Dispersion Grader
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Filler Dispersion Grader

The Filler Dispersion Grader provides automatic visual analysis for rapid, comparative and quantitive assessment of filler dispersion in rubber, which may affect many properties including abrasion resistance, tensile strength, tear strength and fatigue resistance. The tester conforms to ASTM and ISO standards. 

By utilizing oblique illumination of 30 degrees on the sample, a rubber specimen freshly cut by razor blade, light hitting any agglomerates, is reflected into the sensor with magnification (optical range of 3-57 microns for standard model or 1-20 microns for high resolution model). The bi-level analysis with auto determined thresholds and particle diameter analysis are computed from the captured image.

Original image captured in colour with selectable exposure and colour channel allows the Filler Dispersion Grader to analyse macrodispersion of all types of fillers, such as carbon black, silica and mineral fillers for black and non-black compounds. Designed with a super bright LED as lighting source for more illumination, energy saving, longer life and higher consistency.
Equipped with multi-light matrix and moving camera with autofocus function on precision rails allows multiple operator’s scans per sample placement, either automatically or manually. This feature helps to reduce operator error and improves repeatability. Selectable illumination direction helps eliminate influence of cutting lines for better dispersion analysis.
Built-in 5 sets, 4 kinds of ISO Philip 10-scale standard:
a) Carbon Black (CB) – 30X and 100X
b) Reinforcing Carbon Black (RCB) – 100X
c) Reinforcing Carbon Black with Silica (RCB/Silica) – 100X
d) Semi-Reinforcing Carbon Black (SRCB) – 100X for automatic assessing the level of dispersion of carbon black and silica in rubber (X and Y values)
The system also provides 1000 groups of file establishment capacity for users to freely set up their own standards for automatic grading.
Agglomerate sizes and statistical analysis as well as fillers dispersion (Dispersion%, Z%) are automatically computed as per ASTM D7723. The system automatically stores each captured image and testing result, which can be edited, deleted, saved or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Technical Specifications 

PC/ Computer System 
  • PC with Windows 7 or above 
  • 1TB HDD · Pre-Installed U-CAN FDG software
  • 21-inch LCD colour screen
  • Colour printer

Optical Range

  • FDG-A1s : 3-57 microns
  • FDG-A1h : 1-20 microns

Light Source: Super bright LED

Dimensions: L: 430 x W: 240 x H: 310mm

Environment: 10°C to 40°C

Electrical Requirements: 110V 2A or 220V 1.2A

Optional Items

  • Standard model with optical range of 3-57 microns (FDG-A1s)
  • High resolution model with optical range of 1-20 microns (FDG-A1h)
  • High Manual cured sample cutter
  • Unvulcanised sample preparation unit.


  • Rubber


  • ASTM D7723 - Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Macro-Dispersion of Fillers in Compounds
  • ISO 11345 (methods C, D, E) - Rubber — Assessment of carbon black and carbon black/silica dispersion — Rapid comparative methods

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Qty Product
Filler Dispersion Grader
  • Price:

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