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Drying Cabinet

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Drying Cabinet
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Drying Cabinet

The Drying Cabinet provides a gentle drying solution. It is suitable for wool, silk, shoes and other delicate textiles. Those which you probably won't place in a traditional tumble dryer. thus, avoiding any damage to them. Therefore, it is useful to test the drying and heating capacity of textiles.

The cabinet offers 16 metres of hidden hanging space and provides special hanging solutions. As well as a dedicated shoe rack. Foldable pull-out hangers sit in the centre of the cabinet and offer flexible loading and unloading.

With a drying rate of 17.5g/min and a 3.5kg loading capacity, the Drying Cabinet also features a reinforced and sound insulated door. Thus ensuring convenient and non-intrusive drying. It has a minimalist interface design. The handle is high grade aluminium material.



  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Shoes
  • Textile samples


  • Drying rate of 17.5g/min
  • 3.5kg loading capacity
  • Timer
  • Temperature selection (drying cabinet)
  • Remaining time indication
  • Temperature, low/normal
  • Airing (fan running 2 s/min for 2 h)
  • Timesaving, 12 min
  • Delayed start, 1-24 hrs
  • Time program (0.5-12 hrs) Programs
  • Auto dry
  • Auto normal dry
  • Auto extra dry
  • Warm Towels 120min
  • Cold Dry, max 12hrs
  • Drying Time, max 6hrs
  • Time Selection


  • 16 meters of effective drying space, so you can dry more items in this small footprint cabinet
  • A large variety of modes

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Qty Product
Drying Cabinet
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