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Dual-column Universal Testing Machines

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Dual-column Universal Testing Machines
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Dual-column Universal Testing Machines

Dual-column Universal Testing Machines are suitable for tensile, compression tests. And all other special load tests for various materials.

This electronic universal testing machine is comprised of Main frame, mechanical limited switch, electrical system, testing fixture, computer and printer. It is suitable for tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical property for metal and non-metal material, such as rubber, plastic power cable, composite material, metal bar, metal sheet, spring and so on. They are essential testing instrument for electronic enterprise, metal and non-metal manufacturer, university, college and research institute. By adding different attachments, it can execute GB, ISO, ASTM, DIN testing standards, customized testing grips according customer’s requirement are also available.


Optional Capacities: 1 kN, 2 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN, 20 kN, 50 kN, 100 kN, 200 kN, 300 kN, 500 kN, 600 kN, 1000 kN, 2000 kN ( custom models avaialble). 

Standard accessories include: 

  • Flat tension grips
  • Compression Plate
  • Control card and display unit
  • Installation tools and cables

With optional accessories, it is also easy to test bending, shearing, peeling, friction, tearing, puncture and hardness of test specimens. 

Features of the Dual-column Universal Testing Machines

  • Single testing space and high rigidity structure with linear stroke to ensure accurate crossbeam alignment
  • Equipped with mechanical limited switch, emergency stop switch, to prevent any possible damage to the testing fixture and load cell during tests
  • High-precision ball screw to improve transmission efficiency and displacement accuracy
  • Servo motor, low noise, accurate loading speed and loading position
  • Optical-electronic encoder, compact size, high precision, high reliability
  • High-precision load cell for accurate force value.
  • Equipped with PC, the operator can choose English or Chinese Windows Operation system
  • PC Control, result display, result analysis, result print, all functions can be controlled by the computer
  • Real-time result display data and curve during test procedure (Various testing curves, Load-Time, Extension-Time, Stress-Strain, Load- Extension, etc)
  • Computer 3 close-loop control testing mode of load, deformation displacement
  • Zoom and analysis at any point in the curve
  • Automatically calculate tensile strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, Rp0.2, Rt0.5
  • Supported to change Excel format report, easy to pinpoint the location of the data
  • The same group sample can be continuously tested, and can be analysed separately for each test result
  • Can store testing results, testing curve and data
  • Stop while destroy” function, system can automatically stop the test procedure when specimen is broken
  • Overload, overpressure and under pressure protection
  • Operator can set different velocity to control the crossbeam up or down
  • Can zero, clearing the force value, deformation and displacement during the test.


Various materials: Alloy, Composite materials, Electrical wire and cable, Plastic, PVC, Rubber, Springs, Thread, Wood


  • Double column
  • Accessories are easy to install
  • Live results (software based)


    The machines are calibrated to ASTM E4 and ISO 75001 international standard
  • ISO 527
  • ISO 8295
  • ISO 37
  • ISO 178
  • ISO 6892
  • ASTM D412
  • ASTM C1161
  • ASTM D882
  • ASTM D885
  • ASTM D918
  • ASTM D1876
  • ASTM D4632
  • other JIS, DIN, BSEN testing standards

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Dual-column Universal Testing Machines
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