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Crease Bend Tester

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Crease Bend Tester
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Crease Bend Tester

The Crease Bend Tester can measure the bending resistance of crease boards. This is at the time of folding them. Thus, it ensures box performance. Especially, boxes that are used for packaging.

It measures the maximum force required to bend the sample board. Corrugated converters use the Crease Bend Tester to aid in making adjustments to improve the quality. Thus ensuring the end user will have boxes that run effectively on their production line.

Crease Bend Tester


  • Board
  • Corrugated Board
  • Cigarette manufacturing


  • Range of 0 – 10,000 x 1gf
  • Maximum Sample Width: 300mm
  • Digital display
  • Accuracy 1% FS
  • Pneumatic sample clamp
  • Motorised Load Bar
  • Adjustable folding distance
  • Peak Memory function
  • Optional RS 232
  • Air: 80 psi Maximum
  • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Accurate

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Qty Product
Crease Bend Tester
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