Case Study - Tasline

IDM Instruments is an authorised distributor of Mark-10 products. 

IDM Instruments offers calibration and maintenance services. using industry-wide standards to calibrated instruments and document with a full report or certificate of conformance

IDM’s work is comprehensive – adjusting your equipment if needed to give you the right results, whenever possible.


Tasline - Australian manufacturer of high quality braid for anglersWe are proud to announce that we recently provided a Mark-10 Advanced Force / Torque indicator on a motorised test stand to Tasline. 

Tasline is an Australian manufacturer of high quality and  abrasion resistant braid for anglers with 30 years experience.

To continue to improve the quality of their product Tasline commissioned IDM Instruments to acquire, calibrate, commission and certify a Mark-10 test rig for both tensile and diameter testing. 

Robust testing and measurement of the product allows them to classify each and every braid and accurately assign

Diameter Testing

Tensile Testing

Successful Products

Supporting sports fishers with reliable fully tested products.

The quality system of Tasline is so deep that each spool of Tasline braid has a # on the back of the spool so that you can look up your test results. What you will see online, is details of the test sample, the date it was tested, the results and the graph.

This service by Tasline an unprecedented level of service and quality control. What better way to trust a brand than to provide validated and certified test results for every product batch.

IDM Instruments is proud to support this quality control system in partnership with Mark-10.

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