Portable Hardness Tester

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Model: LHT-200

The Portable Hardness Tester is designed for users wanting the ultimate in hardness testing capabilities with comprehensive data results display and storage. Available with different impact devices to perform almost any metal hardness testing from castings through to small finished components. It is commonly used in production QC and to determine fit for purpose and to gauge condition of metal parts and components.

The LHT-200 is easy to operate and calibrate with the included reference hardness test block and achieves highly accurate and repeatable results within ±6 HLD as standard.

Results are displayed on the pda alongside conversions to the scales of HRC, HRB, HB, HV, MPa and Shore.  You can then one-touch print, or you can save the data and transfer to your PC later with the included USB cable.

  • 3.9” LCD Touch screen display with stylus
  • Dual hardness value display in HL and user selected unit (HRC, HRB, HB, HV, MPa, HS Shore Duro)
  • Live statistics update (rolling average and standard deviation)
  • Test set data summary screen
  • Auto Impact Device recognition
  • One-touch print to 2.4 G wireless printer
  • USB communication

The key feature which enables this unit to measure a wide range of results is the ability to interchange impact devices. This makes the LHT-200 more economical as it is much better value to only have to buy an additional impact device rather than an additional complete tester.

  • D Type Impact devices are suitable for general use on most steels and other metal with thickness over 5 mm and bulk weight above 5 kg
  • DC Type Impact devices are suitable for small spaces such as the inner face of pipework or in recessed areas where there is minimal headroom. Only 86 mm total height.
  • DL Type impact devices are suitable for deep and or narrow channels, grooves and holes. Needle point only 6 mm diameter.
  • C Type impact devices are suitable for small and lightweight work pieces less than 5 mm and 2 kg in weight. Also for surface hardened layers
  • G Type impact device is suitable to big and heavy work pieces with rough surface such as raw castings.
The Complete Kit includes:
  • LHT-200 Portable Hardness Tester (HL Display Range: 170 – 960 HLD; Repeatability: ±6 HLD; Selectable Test Direction; Weight: 300 g)
  • Charger
  • Data Cable
  • Test Block
  • Wireless Mini Printer
  • Set of Impact Devices (D, DC, DL, C, G)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Calibration Certificate
** All pieces are available to purchase individually

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