Compression/Push/Bend Grips

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Model: G Series

Mark-10 grips and attachments are integral components of testing systems, designed for a wide range of tension, compression, and torque applications. These grips and attachments are able to mount to Mark-10 force gaugestorque gaugessensors, and test standsEye end adapters may be used with some gauges and sensors for quick-change convenience and compatibility with third party equipment.

Compression Plates
G1009 Series

Compression PlatesCompresses samples during testing

  • Max. sample size: Ø2.0 in (50.8 mm) / Ø3.0 in (76.2 mm)
  • 200 lbF (1 kN) / 500 lbF (2.5 kN) capacity
  • Flat and vented versions available


Compression Plates, High Capacity
G1087 Series

Compression Plates, High Capacity

  • Compresses samples during testing
  • Max. sample size: Ø2.20 in (55.9 mm) / Ø3.78 in (96.0 mm)
  • Eye end mounting
  • 2,000 lbF (9 kN) capacity


Bend Fixtures
G1095, G1096, G1097

3-point 4-point Bend Fixtures for ASTM C393, C1161, D790

  • 3-point and 4-point bend testing – mix and match upper and lower fixtures
  • Accommodate a wide range of materials
  • Conform to ASTM C393, C1161, D790
  • 500 lbF (2.5 kN) / 2,000 lbF (10 kN) capacity


Jacobs Chuck Pin Vise Grip
G1010 Series

Jacobs Chuck Pin Vise Grips

  • Secures a pin, fixture, or sample during compression or tensile testing
  • 30 lbF (150 N) capacity



Padded Attachments
G1019, G1020, G1021

Ergonomic Padded Attachments

  • Padded attachments for ergonomics analysis and job task analysis
  • 500 lbF (2.5 kN) capacity




Rubber Tip

Rubber Tip

  • Simulates a human finger in compression testing
  • 50 lbF (250 N) capacity


Syringe Compression Fixture

Syringe Compression Fixture

  • Plunger compression force testing
  • Conforms to ISO 7886-1
  • 100 lbF (500 N) capacity




Puncture Fixture for ASTM D5748


Puncture Fixture for ASTM D5748

  • Puncture resistance of plastic films and other thin materials
  • Conforms to ASTM D5748
  • 1,000 lbF (5 kN) capacity
• All sorts of materials
• Can be used with a MARK-10 Force Gauge
• Easy to use • Interchangeable

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