Textile Testing Instruments

Textile Testing Instruments

IDM Instruments has a wide range of textile testing instruments. Our textile testing machines are designed to test the quality of textile materials like fabric, clothing samples, non-woven, etc. for various testing dimensions like tensile, stiffness, fineness, density, length, thickness, and more. All these testing equipment adhere to relevant testing standards like EN, DIN, ISO among others.

IDM Instruments has manufactured and supplied textile testing solutions to textile manufacturers, research organizations, fabric material producers, government organizations, associations, testing facilities, and more.

Textile or non woven material testing machine for flexing

Gelbo Flex Tester

Model: G0005

The Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle Counter is used to ascertain the number of loose fibers (lint) to shed from non-woven materials in a 30 second time period of flexing. While the sample is being subjected to repetitive twisting and compression cycles on the Gelbo Flex Tester, air is withdrawn from the testing chamber and the particles in the air stream are counted and classified on the particle counter.

Martindale Abrasion Testers

Model: M0012 – 6 Workstations

Model: M0013 – 8 Workstations

Model: M0014 – 9 Workstations

These textile testing instruments are used for testing the wearability and pilling properties of wool, wool blended, woven, knitted, and non-woven fabrics. The units have 2 lissa-jous trajectory and a reciprocating linear track (capable of round tracking movement). Repeatability of a single procedure or three velocities can be set as the instrument has six operational preset procedures. With its LCD display and touch screen operation, the equipment is easy to use. Units with 6 stations and 8 stations are also available.

Abrasion testing of wool, knitted, nonwoven fabric, textile materials
Pilling Box Testers

Pilling Box Testers

Model: P0002 Series

The Pilling Box Tester determines the resistance to the formation of pills and other related surface changes on textile fabrics using the random tumble pilling tester. The procedure is generally applicable to all types of woven and knitted apparel fabrics.

Seam Fatigue Tester

Model: S0014

This Seam Fatigue Tester was designed to test the strength of a sewn seam in a fabric, such as in-vehicle seating covers. It operates by lifting a 3kg weight using the sewn fabric as a ‘tow rope’. The 3kg mass is dropped onto a shelf at the end of each stroke and lifted again by the fabric. The shelf height is adjustable so that the mass can be set down gently without too much jerk. The machine is double-ended and two sets of specimens can be tested at each end.

test strength of seam fabric, textiles
textile stiffnes testing machine

Stiffness of Cloth Tester

Model: S0013

The Stiffness of Cloth Tester is used to determine the bending length of cloth by means of a fixed angle flexometer and for calculating its flexural rigidity and bending modulus. These quantities are related to the stiffness of cloth.

Stiffness of Cloth Tester – Motorised

Model: S0015

The Stiffness of Cloth Tester Motorised is used to measure the stiffness of non-woven fabrics, by means of cantilever bending of the fabric under its own weight; thus calculating the bending length and flexural rigidity.

stiffness of non-woven fabrics testing instrument
abrasion tester for textile

Tetrapod Abrasion Tester

Model: T0004

The Tetrapod Abrasion Tester tests the mechanical action on the surface texture of the textile carpet. A cylindrical drum is rotated so that the tetrapod ‘walks’ over the specimens. The appearance of the tested specimen is compared to that of a concurrently tested controlled specimen.

Thickness Gauge for High Loft Products

Model: T0022

This unit has been designed to measure the thickness of high loft nonwoven material, by means of a digital readout. Thickness is determined by observing the linear distance that a moveable plane is displaced from a parallel surface by the specimen while under a specified pressure. Thickness is one of the basic physical properties of high loft nonwoven fabrics. In certain industrial applications, the thickness may require rigid control within specified limits.

Thickness Gauge for High Loft Products
Hydrostatic Head Tester for textile testing

Hydrostatic Head Tester

Model: H0003

The Hydrostatic Head Tester is used to determine the resistance of textile fabrics to penetration by water at a constant rate of increase of pressure. The hydrostatic pressure supported by a fabric is a measure of the resistance to the passage of water through the fabric.

Clicker Press – Test Sample Preparation

Model: C0056 Series

The Swing Arm Clicker Presses are used for a wide variety of die-cutting applications. The most common uses are cutting soft to semi-rigid materials such as gaskets, leather, cork, rubber, elastic, foam, and other like materials. The SE 25 is completely hydraulic and is made of strong casting material to ensure powerful yet quiet running.

swing arm clicker press machine
Colour Check Cabinets

Colour Check Cabinets

Model: C0048 Series

Used to assess colour changes under different light sources, to determine the suitability of materials for industrial applications where there is the need to maintain colour consistency and quality. Fluorescent daylight, incandescent and optional black light may be used either individually or in combination.

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Model: H0004

This apparatus is used to determine the resistance of textile fabrics to penetration by water at a constant rate of increase of pressure. In a manual version of the Hydrostatic Head Tester, the user operates the hand pump.

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester for textile fabric testing
Horizontal Flame Chamber for textile burn resistance testing

Horizontal Flame Chamber

Model: H0002

The Horizontal Flame Chamber determines the comparative burn rate and burns resistance of textiles, plastics, and other automotive interior materials. It features stainless steel construction, a large glass-viewing window, a door-mounted burner, and a lift-off top cover.

Cutters – Test Sample Preparation apparatus

Model: C0024 – Cutting Dies (Tool Steel)

Model: C0025 – Cutting Dies (Ruller Type)

Model: C0038 – Cutting Dies (Flat Crush Test Cutter)

Model: C0022 – Cutting Dies (Cutting Press)

Model: C0034 – Cutting Templates – Stainless Steel

IDM Instruments has a wide range of Testing sample preparation devices as per testing standards including cutting presses, cutting dies & templates.

Testing sample preparation
fabric burn testing machine

Fabric Vertical Burn Tester

Model: F0007

The Fabric Vertical Burn Tester measures the flame spread properties of vertically oriented textile fabrics intended for apparel, curtains, and draperies in the form of single or multi-component fabric. A textile is held vertically in a frame. A small flame is used to ignite the specimen and the time is measured for the flame to spread up the specimen.

Drying Cabinet

Model: D0012

The Drying Cabinet is used for the rapid drying of textile samples. The Drying Cabinet can be operated at different temperatures, ranging from Normal, Medium, or Air Fluff temperature.

Textile testing samples drying cabinet
colour fastness dry and wet testing machine

Digital Crockmeter

Model: C0019

The Crockmeter is designed to determine colour fastness from dry or wet tests. A test specimen is clamped to the base plate, where a peg is moved back and forth over the test specimen.

Densometer & Smoothness Tester

Model: 4340

This unit measures the porosity, air-permeability or air resistance of sheet-like materials. It combines the abilities of a low, standard and high pressure tester with a digital timer that provides a reading in seconds.

densometer and smoothness testing machine
textile fabric colour fastness testing machine

Colour Fastness Tester

Model: C0010

The Colour Fastness Tester is one of a series for determining the colour fastness of textiles to various agencies. It determines the colourfastness of textiles to light using an artificial light source.

Extensometer for Fabric

Model: E0004

The Extensometer for Fabric stretches a specimen by applying a specified load; thus the extension is observed and the tension removed. The length of the un-stretched specimen is observed after recovery.

Extensometer for Textiles
Universal Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machines

Model: F0025

IDM provides a range of UTM’s which feature multiple testing capabilities including compression testing and tensile testing. UTM’s eliminate the need of having multiple machines to perform various tests (i.e. compression and tensile). UTM’s offer versatility and the ability to set up dual tests to speed up test set up, production & ultimately reduces operator fatigue & possible setup errors.

Not sure what you’re looking for or cannot find a product? Contact us directly to get a custom solution as per your testing requirements.