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Grammage Tester - Paper & Board

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Grammage Tester - Paper & Board
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TND-ABW012513E - M1
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Grammage Tester - Paper & Board

The Technidyne PROFILE/Plus Grammage Tester determines the grammage of paper and board according to the gravimetric method and meets or exceeds these industry standards: TAPPI T410, SCAN P6, DIN 53104, ISO 536.

  • Isolated Measurement Chamber
  • Automatic Coupon Removal
  • Detailed Profiling Capability
  • Fast and accurate results
  • PROFILE/Plus Automated Testing System Ready

Features of Technidyne PROFILE/Plus Grammage

Precisely Engineered Punch and Die Assembly

The PROFILE/Plus Grammage tester utilizes a specially designed and engineered punch and dies assembly to accurately collect each sample. Once the sample is prepared it is then transferred to a weighing scale to determine the precise weight of the sample and then the proper conversion factors are applied to determine the sample’s grammage.

High Precision Sample Scale

The PROFILE/Plus Grammage tester utilizes the latest in weighing technology. This means accurate and reliable data to ensure fast and repeatable results.

Automatic Sample Removal

This Grammage Tester has a unique function that removes the sample from the weighing scale after each grammage determination. This allows the scale to always operate to its highest accuracy. The external sample catcher makes disposal of cut specimens easier and more efficient.

Automatic Zero Point

Another useful feature is the automatic zero point. This resets the weight scale after each test to increase precision and improve repeatability.

Isolated Measurement Chamber

The PROFILE/Plus Grammage tester has a weighing chamber that is isolated from outside influences. This ensures proper measurement conditions that are not affected by air currents and other factors that could disrupt the process.

User-Defined Measurement Parameters

The PROFILE/Plus Grammage allows for the development of product-specific testing profiles. Each profile can be customized for specific grades, machines, or customer and then stored for fast and easy retrieval. 

PROFILE/PLUS Automated Testing

Basis Weight, Substance, and Ream Weight are all terms the paper industry has used in the past to define the mass per unit area of paper and board products. Today the most commonly used term is ‘Grammage’ and is most often expressed as grams/meter². TAPPI T410 establishes the calculations to determine standardized paperweight values. 

Automated Test System

PROFILE/Plus is a unique building block approach to automated testing. Each PROFILE/Plus instrument is a standalone instrument that can be easily placed in line with other PROFILE/Plus instruments to operate as an automated test system. This one of a kind versatility allows you the flexibility to build an automated test system that can be established over time or all at once. In addition, as your testing needs change, the versatility of the PROFILE/Plus provides the flexibility to modify the testing sequence or move other test in to or out of the system. PROFILE/Plus puts you in charge of your automated testing program. In today’s ever-changing markets, having a testing program that can adapt, is key to long term viability.


  • Print
  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Pulp
  • Board


  • CD or MD profile strips
  • Single sheet samples (automatically) - A3, A4, and 8½” x 11”
  • Hand sheets
  • Thickness Range – 25 to 1000 µm
  • Grammage Range - 15 to 600 g/m²
  • Weight – 120 lb & 55 kg
  • Dimensions – o Height = 26" (66 cm) o Depth = 18" (46 cm) o Width = 10 ½” (26.7cm)
  • Voltage/Frequency - o 100-130 VAC/49-61 Hz o 210-250 VAC/49-61 Hz
  • Air - o 30 - 40 psi o 205 - 275 Kpa


  • Precisely Engineered Punch and Die Assembly for results that ensure tighter control of process & on-line gauging thereby reducing operational costs.
  • High Precision Sample Scale promotes accurate results to help Reduce fiber costs, and customer complaints
  • Automatic Sample Removal for improved manpower efficiency, to lower the overall cost of testing.
  • Automatic Zero Point for increased precision and repeatability to reduce retests and save money.
  • Isolated Measurement Chamber reduces variability and lowers costs by improving accuracy.
  • User Defined Measurement Parameters eliminates the need for re-calculating the results


  • TAPPI T410 - Grammage of Paper and Paperboard (Weight per Unit Area)
  • SCAN P6
  • DIN 53104 - Testing of paper and board; determination of substance of the plies of corrugated boards
  • ISO 536 - Paper and board — Determination of grammage

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Qty Product
Grammage Tester - Paper & Board
  • Price:

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