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Single Column Universal Testing Machine

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Single Column Universal Testing Machine
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                                                                                                                               Single Column Universal Testing machine              Universal Testing machine Australia          Universal Testing machine - Tensile & Compression

Single Column Universal Testing Machine are suitable for tensile, compression and all other special load test for non metal material for example, plastic, rubber, thread, wood, alloy, PVC, spring, electrical wire and cable, composite, profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc. Adding relative optional accessories, it is easy to achieve the test of bending, shearing, peel, friction, tearing, puncture and hardness test.

The Single Column Universal Testing Machine is calibrated as per ASTM E4, ISO 75001 international standard. By attaching different grips this machine will conform to various ISO, ASTM, EN, DIN standards. 

The machine comes with high precision servo motor control system, ball screw leading and high precision reducer or synchronous belt make the machine add the load when testing. Stable structure of the machine frame makes the test and control in high accuracy.

Control system is full closed loop measuring and control system. It adequately absorbs advanced functional characteristics and integrates the latest international professionally developed measuring and control system. Control software can automatically finger out routine data, such as tensile strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, extend rate after rupture, non-proportional extend strength RP0.2, etc. It can adopt many kinds of controlling modes, such as constant force, constant displacement, constant deformation, and real time display many testing curves of force-displacement, force-time, and stress-strain. These curves automatically switch. Testing process control and data processing conform to the requirements of all kinds of test standard. 

Standard Parts included in the Universal Testing Machine 


Control PC:  Dell Brand (P4, 1G Memery, 80G Disk, 17”LCD) Single Column Universal Testing Machine  PC option
 Control DSP card and software:   3 Close Loop Control  
 Printer:  HP brand Color inkjet printer  Single Column Universal Testing Machine  Printer option
 Panasonic Servo Motor:   Built-in Motor with driver  Panasonic Servo Motor: 
 Extensometer:   Gauge length 50mm, Defomraiton 50%  Extensometer: 
 Tension Test Accessories:  Tension grips for round and flat speciman  Tension Test Accessories:
 Compression Test Accessories:   Round or Flat Compression Plate, Dia 150mm  Compression Test Accessories
 Load Cell:   American Brand Celtron Load Cell  Load Cell
 High-precision Ball Screw Lead:   Chine, Taiwan, or Germany Brand  High-precision Ball Screw Lead
 Photoelectric encoder:   Chinese or Japanese brand  Photoelectric encoder

Optional Parts

  • Bending Test Jig
  • Compression Jig
  • Opposite Clamping Grip 
  • Wdge tension Grip 
  • Film & Paper Tension Grip 
  • Shearing Test
  • Adhesive Tape Tension Attachment 
  • Eccentric Wheel
  • Dumbbell Tension 


  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Thread
  • Wood
  • Alloy
  • PVC
  • Spring
  • Electrical
  • Wire and cable
  • Composite, profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc


  • High accuracy Load cell, Encoder and optional extensometer to test the force, displacement and extension. Reading resolution can be 1/300000 of full range. Computer control 3 close-loop control testing machine by load, displacement and extension.
  • Speed Servo control from 0.01mm/min to 500mm/min by servo motor.
  • Easy to install many kinds of test grips and accessories to do many kind of test
  • PCI computer control card to get the test value and control the servo motor
  • Multi-languages supported, Data saved and support Microsoft Words, Excel.
  • Database function, allow customer define test method, value result formula and test report format.
  • Multi sensor supported. Max 7 load cells and 4 extensometers can be defined.
  • Metric and British unit exchanging supported mm, N, KN, kg and inches, lbs and pound.
  • Calibration automatically and easily
  • Two grade of user administrate system for common operator and system administrator


  • ASTM E4
  • ISO 75001
  • ISO 527
  • ISO 8295
  • ISO 37
  • ISO 178
  • ISO 6892
  • ASTM D412
  • ASTM C1161
  • ASTM D882
  • ASTM D885
  • ASTM D918
  • ASTM D1876
  • ASTM D4632
  • Other JIS, DIN, BSEN testing standards

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Qty Product
Single Column Universal Testing Machine
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