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Rapid Conditioning Cabinet

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Rapid Conditioning Cabinet
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Rapid Conditioning Cabinet

The Rapid Conditioning Cabinet is useful to pre-condition paper samples in an approximate 30 minute period. This is to the standard laboratory environment conditions. Because the machine uses Laboratory air as the final conditioning process, prior to physical testing.

The programmed controller allows for two types of conditioning:

1. The 1 ½ minute cycle enables testers to quickly air sample before physical testing. This occurs by drawing laboratory air through the sheet for a 1 ½ minute period. This routine assists with stabilizing the paper quickly. However it does not replace the full rapid conditioning method.

2. The full rapid conditioning cycle runs for a 30 minute period. At the end of this time the fully pre-conditioned paper samples can be tested.  This cycle consists of the Rapid Conditioning Cabinet drawing laboratory air through the sample. While stepping through a heating / cooling sequence. Hence, allowing the paper samples to stabilize to 23°C, 50 RH.


During grade change or shift hand over’s, sometimes the results obtained by testers are very close or just out side of acceptable shipping limits. By placing new samples from the same reel into the Rapid Conditioning Cabinet for retesting, it is possible to re-evaluate the samples at the end of the 30 min cycle. This faster conditioning enables quicker evaluation of suspect paper reels, so the paper manufacturer can make necessary decisions to either release or reject, where if the standard conditioning methods were employed, it would take 24 hours before a decision could be made and possibly having to reject or down grade several rolls of paper.

Test Scope

The Rapid Conditioning Cabinet has been specially designed and manufactured to pre-condition paper samples prior to testing. Pre-conditioning paper samples in the Rapid Conditioning Cabinet will take up to 30 minutes, whereas standard conditioning takes 24 hours. This faster conditioning enables quicker evaluation of possible reject paper reels.

Test Specimens

• The Rapid Conditioning Cabinet trays are designed to fit samples of size 300mm x 300mm.
• 6 samples are required for conditioning, to be placed one on each specimen tray.


Paper testing machine paper quality testing machine
Rapid Conditioning Machine inside
Rapid Conditioning Machine Fan



  • Paper Testing


  • Push button start
  • Industrial digital temp controller
  • Fully programmable controller
  • Controller lock out function
  • Testing sequence indication
  • 6 sample holders
  • Sample size: 317 x 317 mm (12.5in)
  • Blower flow rate: 9,0m³/min
  • Sliding sample holders
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quick action latch
  • Finned heating element for maximum radiant heat displacement
  • Temp Range: Ambient – 50°c
  • Includes 5 meters of flexible duct & Side channel blower, 3 phase, 11 AMP
  • 415V @ 50 Hz, 3 Phase, 16 Amp
  • 100 mm flexible duct vent to outside Lab
  • Dimensions: 630mm x 750mm x 650mm
  • Weight: 85kg OPTIONS:
  • Sample cutting die
  • Sample cutting press
  • Digital timer for 1 min conditioning count


  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing reject rolls
  • Speeding up roll acceptance
  • Speeding up the turnaround of test results
  • Minimise test variability due to moisture content



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Qty Product
Rapid Conditioning Cabinet
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