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Precision Drop Tester - 150kg

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Precision Drop Tester - 150kg
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Precision Drop Tester - 150kg

The Precision Drop Tester tests the vertical impact testing by dropping for various materials. These include crates, containers, packages, boxes, cardboard. It can perform a single test to measure the vertical impact capacity. It can also run multiple tests to assess the overall ability of the package. This is in terms of capability to withstand a vertical impact hazard. In other words, falling of the box. The test principle is raising of the test package above a rigid plane surface and releasing it to strike this surface (the "impact surface") after a free fall. 

It can measure impact upto 150 kgs. It has an open design arrangement. Thus, it enables conducting large tests. The machine tests the packages in a non-destructive manner. Thus, ensuring safety of the package and the material. It also ensures safety to the operator.

Drop Type Set-ups 

Flat drop
Corner drop
Edge drop
Bucket drop

Assembly of the Precision Drop Tester

The Base Plate will need to be mounted to a flat and level floor as this is important for the test. The Precision Drop Tester has been supplied disassembled for ease of transport. When unpacked the Lifting Column will need to be mounted to the Base Plate, using the Qty (8) M12 Bolts to screw the Column to the Base Plate. The Column can be lifted at the top Chain Hoist support.

Fixing of the Base Plate
We have provided Qty (11) Mounting Holes on the Base Plate where 10 mm Kemset Bolts or 10 mm Loxins can be used to fix the Base Plate to a concrete floor. If your floor is not level, fix Base Plate and pack underneath bolt holes with Washers until level, and tighten bolts.
Mix enough non-shrink cement with a runny consistency and pour under the Base Plate so as to fill the gap completely under the Base Plate for a solid base. Allow to dry before mounting the column.

Test Method 

This test method is intended for use in evaluating the ability of a container to withstand the sudden shock resulting from a free fall drop impact, or to evaluate the ability of a container and its inner packing to protect its contents during the sudden shock resulting from a free fall drop impact. This test method may also be used to compare the performance of different package designs. This test method may also permit observation of the progressive failure of a container and the damage to its contents. This test method is particularly suitable for containers that are normally handled manually during some part of their distribution cycle. 


  • Loaded, Card board boxes
  • Pails
  • Bags & sacks
  • Cylindrical Containers
  • Crates


  • 150kg Capacity
  • Max Drop Hieght: 2.5m
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum height for loading & dropping, via a chain hoist for positioning
  • Large Steel base for test surface and mounting 1m x 1.5m x 25mm
  • A hand-held control and foot switch are provided
  • Precise drop orientations
  • Package width and height dimensions are not restricted
  • Lifting apparatus: Electric Chain Hoist
  • Drop Forks: 300mm D x 278mm W (For packages up to 550mm D. Anything above this would require a Top Support Fixture)
  • Air Supply: 80 psi
  • Electrical: 415 VAC @ 50/60 HZ, 3 Phase
  • Dimensions: 3,000mm x 1,000mm x 1,500mm OPTIONS:
  • Corner Drop
  • Set of jigs (10 degree base & lid drop) for Pails
  • Custom made base plate
  • Extended arm to support large packages
  • Different fork lengths
  • Top Support Fixture


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results


  • AS 2582.4 - Complete, filled transport packages - Methods of test Vertical impact test by dropping
  • ISO 2248 Method A - Packaging — Complete, filled transport packages — Vertical impact test by dropping
  • ASTM D5276 - Standard Test Method for Drop Test of Loaded Containers by Free Fall
  • ISTA

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Precision Drop Tester - 150kg
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