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Horizontal Flame Chamber

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Horizontal Flame Chamber
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Horizontal Flame Chamber

The Horizontal Flame Chamber determines the comparative burn rate and burn resistance of various materials. Such as textiles, plastics and other automotive interior materials.

It is a stainless steel construction. Also with large glass-viewing window. Thus, ensures maximum safety. And side door-mounted burner. This burner complies with necessary standards.

The tester has a lift-off top cover. It enables for easy mounting of samples onto the U-Frame sample holder.

Horizontal Flame Chamber Apparatus

  • Cabinet: A metal flammability test cabinet with interior dimension of 380mm long, 205mm deep and 355mm high, protects the sample from drafts during testing. The front of the cabinet is a heat resistant glass allowing the operator to view the test process. The base of the cabinet has ten 19mm holes and all four sides have a 13mm clearance at the top for ventilation. Four feet elevate the cabinet 10mm from the surface it rests on.
  • Specimen Holder: Two aluminium U-Frames, one slotted at 25mm intervals to hold support wires, the other slotted to accommodate two test threads, are held and supported in the centre of the cabinet by an aluminium stand. The threads are positioned at 38mm from the open and closed ends of the U-Frame.

Test Specimens

Test specimens should be a thick as the product used in vehicle unless greater than 12.7mm where the specimen should be cut down to such thickness. The most suitable size of the test specimen is 100mm x 355mm. Test specimens should also be conditioned at 21 ± 2˚C and 50 ± 5% RH for 24 hours prior to testing. Testing can be performed in ambient conditions.

A test report can be constructed noting:
  • Date
  • Operator
  • Test specimen description.
  • Test specimen size, including thickness.
  • Flammability characteristics of the test specimen.
  • Burn Rate
  • Other relevant information
Flammability characteristics of the test specimen can be simplified to symbols using descriptions as per standards such as:
  • DNI - Does Not Ignite: Material does not support combustion during or after ignition.
  • SE - Self-Extinguishing: Material ignites but does not burn through to the first timing thread.
  • SE/NBR602 - Self-Extinguishing/ No Burn Rate: Material ignites but stops burning before it has burned for 60 seconds from the start of timing and does not burn more than 2 inches (50mm) from the point where timing was started.
  • SE/B4 - Self-Extinguishing/ With Burn Rate of 4 inches (100mm) per minute: Material does not burn nor transmit a flame front across its surface at a rate of more than 4 inches/min. Material stops burning before it has burned for more than 60 seconds from start of timing and has not burned more than 2 inches from the point where timing was started.
  • B4 - Burn Rate of 4 inches (100mm) per minute.

Operating Instructions 

  1. Connect LPG gas and power as per requirements.
  2. Lay test specimen across support wires of the U-Frame base, with the surface closest to the occupant compartment of the vehicle facing downward in the frame. One end of the test specimen should line up evenly with the open end of the U-Frame. If the specimens are shorter or narrower than the recommended size, ensure that the end is lined with the open end of the U-Frame for ignition purposes only.
  3. Place threads across the top surface of the specimen with the 14 gram weights in place on one end and the other end of the thread secured to the thread holder.
  4. Position U-Frame top in place to secure sample and threads during procedure. Note the grooves for thread placement.
  5. With the U-Frame mounted on the test stand, place in the centre of the Test Cabinet via the Right-hand side Door. The stand can be pushed until it stops to ensure it is positioned at the correct distance from the flame.
  6. Turn ON the regulated Gas supply to the machine.
  7. Turn ON the POWER button, located on the electrical cabinet. NOTE: Ensure the Emergency Stop button is not depressed.
  8. Press the GAS (Yellow) button, which will start the Gas supply.
  9. Ignite the Bunsen Burner, and with the air inlet closed, adjust the flame to reach the 38mm height indicator. Close the small door which places the Bunsen Burner so the centre of the burner tip is 19mm below the edge of the open end of the specimen.
  10. When the door is closed, a 15 second timer automatically begins and shuts off the gas flow, extinguishing the flame on completion of 15 seconds.
  11. Press the T1 or T2 Start/Stop button to begin timing the period from when the burning specimen reaches 38mm from the open end of the U-Frame.
  12. Press the same timer Start/Stop button again once it progresses to a point 38mm from the clamped end of the U-Frame. The 38mm start and finish points are visually shown through the use of the thread and weights.
  13. Press the RESET button upon completion of the test, ready for the next test to begin. This will ensure the T1 and T2 timers have been reset.

Calculate the burn rate using the formula: B = 60 x D/ T


  • B = Burn rate in inches/minute.
  • D = Length the flame travels in inches.
  • T = Time in seconds for the flame to travel “D” inches.


  • Interior materials for automobiles
  • Textiles
  • Plastic
  • Flexible Polyurethane Foam


  • Heat resistant glass
  • Scale for flame height
  • Electric gas shut off valve
  • U-Frame Sample Holder
  • Digital Counters
  • LPG (2 kg/h – 2.8 kPa)
  • Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ or 110 VAC @ 60 HZ
  • Dimensions: 390mm x 360mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 12kg OPTIONS:
  • Stopwatch
  • Cutting Template: 100mm x 355mm
  • Extra U-Frame Sample Holder


  • Easy to clean Stainless Steel housing
  • Industrial controllers
  • Auto flame cut-out
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Glass observation window to view samples during testing
  • Side gas burner for easy ignition


  • ASTM D5132 - Standard Test Method for Horizontal Burning Rate of Polymeric Materials Used in Occupant Compartments of Motor Vehicles
  • SAE J369 - Flammability of Polymeric Interior Materials--Horizontal Test Method
  • JIS D1201 - Road Vehicles, and Tractors and Machinery for Agriculture and Forestry - Determination of Burning Behaviour of Interior Materials
  • ISO 3795 - Road vehicles, and tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Determination of burning behaviour of interior materials
  • GM9070P - Procedure for Testing Flammability of Materials
  • MVSS 302 - Flammability of Automotive Materials
  • JIS K 6400 - Test Methods for Flexible Polyurethane Foam

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Horizontal Flame Chamber
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