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Compact String Pot Series

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Compact String Pot Series
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These precision string potentiometers range from 0-3 (76.2mm), 0-9 (228.6mm), 0-15 (381mm), 0-30 (762mm) inches.

Available in 3 different types:

  • Voltage Divider - MT2A

  • Incremental Encoder - MT2E

  • Voltage Divider (wet environment) - MT3A

Voltage Divider - MT2A

  • Range: 0-3 (76.2mm)

  • 0-9 (228.6mm)

  • 0-15 (381mm)

  • 0-30 (762mm) inches

The MT2A is a member of our family of rugged, accurate miniature cable-extension position transducers designed specifically for test applications. One of the major benefits to this sensor its 2-axis 360° rotating mounting bracket to allow for fast and simple installation in any direction

The MT2A comes in 4 different measuring ranges: 0-3”, 0-9”, 0-15” and 0-30” and features a highly tensioned heavy-duty measuring cable designed for the high-acceleration demands encountered in flight testing and automotive crash tests.

For extreme impact applications, a new rugged all aluminum sensor cover is now available.

Incremental Encoder - MT2E

  • Range: 0-30 inches (762mm)

The MT2E is the new encoder-based member to our family of rugged, accurate miniature cable-extension position transducers. It features a highly-tensioned heavy-duty measuring cable that was designed for the high-acceleration demands encountered in flight testing and automotive crash tests.

Voltage Divider (wet environment) - MT3A

  • Range: 0-30 inches (762mm)

The MT3A is the solution for high-acceleration test applications in potentially wet environments. Just like the MT2A, the MT3A comes in 4 different full stroke ranges, has a high-tension heavy-duty measuring cable designed for the demands of flight and automotive crash tests and comes with an easy to use 2-axis 360° rotation mounting bracket for installation in hard to ft areas.

For extreme high impact applications, the MT3A is now available with a rugged all aluminum sensor cover.


  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Flight/Crash test applications
  • OEM


  • Compact
  • Rugged
  • Available in 3 types
  • Stroke ranges: 0-3 (76.2mm), 0-9 (228.6mm), 0-15 (381mm), 0-30 (762mm) inches

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Qty Product
Compact String Pot Series
  • Price:
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