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Color Tester - ColorTouch X 45

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Color Tester - ColorTouch X 45
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Color Tester - ColorTouch X 45

The Color Tester - ColorTouch X 45 the only directional 45o /0o TAPPI Brightness and Color spectrophotometer designed specifically for the pulp and paper industry.

The ColorTouch® X 45 brings together a powerful set of tools to meet the demands of the brightness, color, color difference and fluorescence  markets.  In addition to these traditional applications, the expanded wavelength range of the ColorTouch® X 45 provides a higher level of accuracy and capabilities.  No other instrument in the market today can match the ColorTouch® X 45 for capabilities, functionality and quality.

  • Improved stability, especially on OBA containing grades

  • Longer lamp life, meaning fewer lamp changes and lower operational cost

  • Touchscreen operator interface providing simple testing sequences

  • Quicker testing time, getting data to production sooner

  • Full spectral data (360-780nm) for detailed analysis

  • Enhanced result screens provide statistical data, trending and other functions

  • Capable of measuring the sample under multiple UV levels including UVex, QTH, C & D65

  • Data export can be directly to the mill network, uploaded to a USB drive or printed

Features of Color Tester - ColorTouch X 45

Touchscreen Operation

• Load sample, initiate the test and the ColorTouchTM X45 does the rest

• Preprogrammed test routine to allow for easy setup and testing

• Does not require an external PC

• Automatic Calibration Advanced

Data Analysis

• Trending data allows for tracking grades over several samples

• Compare multiple samples on various color plots

• Establish optical tolerances on grades for PASS/ FAIL analysis

Spectral Data Capabilities

• Spectrophotometric data for comprehensive understanding of dyes, fillers, OBA’s and other colorants

• Greater accuracy of colorimetric data

• Thorough analysis of metameric color matches

Pulsed Xenon Flash Lamp

• Eliminates having to change the lamp every 3 months

• Adjustable UV energy to more effectively control OBA dosage

Why is ColorTouch X 45 the most powerful color tester in the market? 

Unmatched Fluorescence ControlColor Tester - ColorTouch X 45

The Technidyne ColorTouchTM X 45 offers 3 UV included sources D65(UV Rich), C (ISO UV level) and QTH (TAPPI Brightness level) and 1 UV excluded source, providing the fluoresence evalution sources needed to best control OBA dosage and maximize TAPPI Brightness values.

Expanded Wavelength Rangesoftware test of color testing paper

The Technidyne ColorTouchTM X 45 provides improved analysis of UV region and detailed color evaluation.

Data Trending

The Technidyne ColorTouchTM X 45 provides the trending capabilities to look at grade data of key optical measurements for up to 100 test.

Pass/Fail Alertspaper color tester uses

The Technidyne ColorTouchTM X 45 allows you to input tolerancing data on Brightness and Color data so that the instrument automatically provides feedback on whether a product matches the production standard.

Easy of Operation

At the heart of the ColorTouchTM X 45 is an operator interface built to provide testers with predefined test operations to assure proper testing, while providing management the detail needed to make good decisions

Technical Specifications of ColorTouch X 45

  • Light Source: Pulsed Xenon (500,000+ measurements)
  • Instrument Type: dual-beam spectrophotometer
  • Geometry: 45o /0o directional
  • Repeatability (White tile avg. 20 readings): 0.1%
  • Reproducibility: <0.20 CIE Lab
  • Measurement Range: (Reflectance) 0-200%
  • Sources: D65, C, QTH, UVex
  • Illuminants A,B,C,D50,D55,D65,D75,F2,F7,F11
  • Observers CIE: 2o , 10o
  • Wavelength Range: 360 -780 nm
  • Aperture: 13 mm illuminated / 9 mm measured
  • Whiteness: CIE, ASTM, Hunter
  • Fluorescence: D65, C, QTH, UVex
  • Automatic UV Control: Automatic UV control and calibration for measurement of fluorescent samples with UV trim filter (395n)m and UV cut-off filter (420) nm
  • Stored Standards: YES
  • Communications: USB, Ethernet Color Space (XYZ) (RxRyRz) (Lab) (L*a*b*) (LCh)
  • Measurement Time: 2 seconds
  • Operating Range: 13-40o Celsius
  • Weight: 45 lbs / 20.4 kg
  • Height: 24” / 61 cm


  • Paper
  • Board
  • Pulp


  • TAPPI T452 - Brightness of Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard (Directional Reflectance at 457 nm)
  • TAPPI T527 - Color of paper and paperboard (d/0, C/2) Test Method TAPPI/ANSI T 527 om-19
  • TAPPI T524 - Color of paper and paperboard (45/0, C/2), Test Method TAPPI/ANSI T 524 om-20
  • TAPPI T646 - Brightness of clay and other mineral pigments (45/0)
  • TAPPI T560 - CIE whiteness and tint of paper and paperboard (d/0 geometry, C/2 illuminant /observer), Test Method T 560 om-10

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Color Tester - ColorTouch X 45
  • Price:

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