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COBB Tester

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COBB Tester
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COBB Tester

The COBB Tester or Cobb Sizing Tester determines the water absorption quality of paper test samples. It is a Water Absorption Tester. Such as paper and board, including corrugated fiberboard. The test includes recording the quantity of water absorbed by specimen. After exposing it to water for a specific period of time. That too under standard conditions.

The water absorption is a very important and useful parameter in the specification of paper and board for use in the packing and printing industries. It also corresponds to  ISO 535, TAPPI T-441 and NM - ISO 535 standards. 


  • Paper
  • Paperboard


  • Test area diameter 112,8mm, 100cm2
  • Water depth 10mm
  • Water volume 100 ml
  • Conditioning roll mass 10,0 +/-0,5 kg
  • Diameter of conditioning roll 90 +/-10mm
  • Template 125x125mm


  • ISO DIN 5325 - Sewing machines; needle size comparison chart
  • TAPPIT-441 - Water absorptiveness of sized (nonbibulous) paper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard (Cobb test)
  • NM - ISO 535 - Paper and board — Determination of water absorptiveness — Cobb sizing test method

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COBB Tester
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