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Cable-Extension Transducer (String Pots) PT8000 Series

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Cable-Extension Transducer (String Pots) PT8000 Series
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These heavy industrial grade Cable-Extension Position Transducers range from 0-2 (50.8mm) to 0-60 (1524mm) inches.

Available in 8 different types:

  • Voltage Divider - PT8101

  • 4 ... 20mA - PT8420

  • 0 ... 10 VDC - PT8510

  • Incremental Encoder - PT8150

  • CANBus - PT8CN

  • DeviceNET - PT8DN

  • RS232 - PT8232

  • String Encoder - PT8600

Voltage Divider - PT8101

Range: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm)

The PT8101, using a high cycle plastic-hybrid potentiometer, operates with any basic panel meter or programmable controller in factories and harsh environments requiring linear position measurements in ranges up to 60" (1524mm). 

4 ... 20mA - PT8420

Range: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm) 

The PT8420, with its 4-20mA feedback signal, is ideal for monitoring the stroke of a hydraulic cylinder and other applications requiring position data acquisition in harsh environments. It provides a feedback signal that is proportional to the linear movement of a travelling stainless-steel extension cable. 

0 ... 10 VDC - PT8510

Range: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm) 

The PT8510 can operate from an unregulated 14.5 to 40 VDC power supply while providing an output signal that is proportional to the linear movement of its measuring capacity. The PT8510 has a maximum measurement range up to 60" (1524mm) and has 4 output signal options to choose from: 0...10, 0...5, -10...+10 and -5...+5 VDC.

Incremental Encoder - PT8150

Range: 0-30 (762mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm) 

With its incremental optical encoder and industrial design, this rugged transducer provides the highest accuracy and longest life of any measurement device of its kind. For measurements up to 60" (1524mm), this model is available in a variety of resolutions and output stages to fit virtually any requirement.


Range: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm) 

The PT8CN, using a high cycle plastic-hybrid potentiometer, communicates to your PLC via the CANbus SAE J1939 interface. Suitable for factory and harsh environment applications requiring linear position feedback in ranges up to 60”.

DeviceNET - PT8DN

Range: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm) 

The PT8DN, using a high cycle plastic-hybrid potentiometer, communicated via DeviceNET protocol with programmable controllers in factories and harsh environments requiring linear position measurements in ranges up to 60" (1524mm). 

RS232 - PT8232

Range: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm) 

The PT8232 delivers position feedback via RS232 serial communication to your data acquisition or controller system. The PT8232 sends a raw 16-bit coutn from 0000H to FFFFH. Additionally this device can be set to continuously send data or send data only when polled.

As the internal position sensing element is a precision potentiometer, this transducer maintains currenet accurate position even during power loss and does not need to be reset to a "home" position.

String Encoder - PT8600

Range: 0-25 (635mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm) 

The unique linear-to-rotational, industrial-grade string encoder module mates to virtually any encoder, giving you a cost-effective linear position measurement solution that precisely fits your requirements. The PT8600 takes just minutes to install, fits easily into tight areas, does not require perfectly parallel alignment, and provides reliable and precise position measurements without needing periodic adjustments. 

Celesco, Cable Extension Motion Conversion Modules, Model PT8600


Velocity Limiting System  - VLS8000

Ranges: 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 inches [25.4, 50.8, 63.5, 76.2, 101.6, 127, 152.4cm] 

  • Prevents cable from ever reaching damaging velocity during a free release

  • Ideal for applications requiring frequent connecting and disconnecting

  • Provides safer operation for mobile applications

  • Eliminates internal damage if a cable is broke

The Velocity Limiting System (VLS) is an option for the PT8000 series cable-extension transducers that limits cable retraction to a safe 40 to 55" per second. The VLS system prevents the measuring cable from ever reaching a damaging velocity during an accidental free release. This option is ideal for mobile applications that require frequent cable disconnection and reconnection. It prevents expensive unscheduled downtime due to accidental cable mishandling or attachment failure. 

VLS is available for most PT8000 models and options. Exceptions are:

  • PT8600 - all configurations

  • PT8101, PT8150, PT8420, PT8510:

    • medium and high cable tension

    • 2, 5, 15-inch [5, 12.7, 38.1cm] stroke ranges.

Velocity Limiting System, Celesco, Model VLS8000


  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Flight/Crash test applications
  • Industrial Automation/Testing
  • OEM


  • Heavy Industrial use
  • IP68/NEMA 6
  • Absolute Linear Position
  • Hazardous Area Certification
  • Available in 8 types
  • Stroke ranges: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-25 (635mm), 0-30 (762mm), 0-60 inches (1524mm)

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Qty Product
Cable-Extension Transducer (String Pots) PT8000 Series
  • Price:
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