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Box Compression Testers

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Box Compression Testers
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Box Compression Tester

The Box Compression Tester has been specially designed for box compression tests for evaluating packages and material under compressive loads. Box Compression Tester is a floor-mounted machine that evaluates packages and material under compressive loads. 

The Box Compression Tester uses a servo electric system to apply a precise linear motion and force. It tests the strength of boxes by compressing them. This allows estimation of  quality of boxes. This is highly useful for testing commercial boxes. For example, corrugated boxes, cartons and crates. The test gives a clear understanding of quality of the box under compressive force checking its quality. It complesi with ISO, ASTM and other international standards. 

Optional Box Compression Tester Models and Capacities 

B0009-M1  50 kN  
B0010-M1 50 kN with bigger platen size   
B0011-M1 100 kN  
B0014-M1 10 kN  

The testing operation is divided into three discrete parts:

  • Entering the System Settings and Test Configurable Requirements: The System Settings are entered during the installation of the equipment and should not have to be changed. The Test Configuration is prepared for each test sample type, and only an experienced operator should undertake this procedure.
  • Conducting the Tests: This procedure is fully automated. The operator will be requested to mount a test sample, and to remove it when the test is completed, when conducting multiple tests. A series of one or more tests are usually performed on a particular material to achieve a statistical comparison.
  • Reporting the Results: When a series of tests is complete, a test report can be generated on a printer.

The machine has two platens. One measuring  1000mm x 800mm x 500mm which can be fixed or floated. As well as a base platen with the same dimensions.

Box Compression Test Results 

When a test sequence is complete, or partially complete, a test report can be generated and output to printer. The information that appears in a report is taken from the Configuration, the Test Summary and the Test Data files. It is therefore necessary to include the appropriate sample description in the Test Configuration Panel.

A total of 15 summary test results can be accommodated in a table. These results are compared and the statistics of the sequence of tests are provided in the lower table of the test report. If more than 15 tests are included in a group, then only the first 15 test results will appear in the table. However, the statistical calculations will be based on all the data. The traces appear in the graphs with the same axes, range and trace offset as that shown in the Test Panel. For additional graph axes combinations, a separate report document must be generated.

Compression Tests for Boxes

The test is used for measuring the ability of corrugated or solid fiber shipping containers to resist external compressive forces. The method may be applied in a number of ways. For quality studies, it is usually desirable to test the empty container. For the study of compression resistance where inner packing (corner posts, etc.) is involved, tests may be made with the interior packing in place. If overall performance of the entire pack is to be studied, the test may be conducted with the container loaded with its contents and all inner packing. In many packs the contents and inner packing share in carrying a portion of the load.

The container may be positioned in the machine so as to test the compressive resistance in a direction that is relevant to the container's use including top-to-bottom, end-to-end, or side-to-side. 

Software and Reporting 

The software used with the Box Compression Tester is the IDM Instruments Universal Tester. Software, having the following specifications:Box Compression tester
  • Data sampling is adjustable from 1 – 1000 Hz
  • Test parameters displayed with graph simultaneously
  • Overlay display of data curve possible during test AS and ASTM Test Methods pre – programmed
  • Other test programs can be programmed by the operator
  • Calibration File to calibrate the unit
  • Position, Load or Strain rate control
  • Real time graphic display of data
  • Selectable graphical display presentation
  • Data can be read in Excel
  • Out of range alarm and stop
  • Auto return after a test is selected
Data Output
  • Force & Deflection
  • Digital display, peak load/position
  • Digital display & XY Graph
  • Statistical Output (on screen or print)
  • Print options: any test screen or statistics.


  • Box Compression
  • Stack Testing
  • Multi-box Compression


  • Four precision load cells are used to measure the applied force
  • Precise linear transducer measures the test sample deflection
  • Strong A-frame construction.
  • Motor driven ball screws, for fast and accurate operation, reposition the crosshead assembly.
  • Maximum capacity: 10 kN, 50 kN, 100 kN or custom
  • Force Resolution: 0.01 x kN
  • Force Accuracy: ± 1% F.S.
  • Position Repeatability: 0.2 mm
  • Resolution: 2000.0
  • Position measuring accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • Servo Electric
  • Variable Test Speed: 0.1- 250 mm/min
  • Speed accuracy: 0.5% F.S.
  • Crosshead Positioning: 500 mm/min
  • Overall Height: 2312mm
  • Voltage Supply: 2 x 240V AC 10 A
  • Software: IDM's software


  • Reduce waste material
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Accurate


  • AS130-1-800s
  • ASTM D642 - Standard Test Method for Determining Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers, Components, and Unit Loads
  • ASTM D4169 - Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems
  • TAPPI T804 - Compression Test of Fibreboard shipping containers
  • ISO 12048:1994 - Packaging — Complete, filled transport packages — Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester

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Box Compression Testers
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