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Automatic Cutting Machines

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Automatic Cutting Machines
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Automatic Cutting Machine - Metal & Non-metal

The ACM series Automatic Cut-off Machines have a large cutting area and a removable "T"-Slot work base. Along with a function to cut rectangular and large samples, split fast key vices. And they are beneficial to users to clamp various shape work pieces.

The machine is suitable for cutting various metal, non-metallic materials, in order to observe the material metallographic, core organization. the machine has cooling device so as to take away the heat produced during the cutting. It is easy to use for users. It is an ideal equipment for factories, scientific research institution and colleges and universities laboratory. 


  • Paper
  • Packaging
  • Plastic
  • Board
  • Textile


  • LCD Display
  • Manual or automatic operation modes
  • tempered glass observation window
  • 7 adjustable cutting speeds (2.25mm/min to 15mm/min)
  • Grinder speed 2100rpm
  • 60L coolant tank
  • Wheel: 350 x 2.5 x 32mm
  • Power: 380V / 50Hz
  • Dimensions: ACM80: 780 x 800 x 600mm / ACM100: 930 x 700 x 610mm


  • Automatic cutting
  • Easy to use


  • Cut specimens to test according to applicable standards

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Qty Product
Automatic Cutting Machines
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