Testing Instruments – Paper Industry

Testing Instruments – Paper Industry

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd. has a broad range of testing instruments to test materials within the paper industry. The testing instruments assist in Quality assurance and control processes. Thereby, helping firms to comply with industry-wide testing standards and offer high-quality paper products. The testing solutions can test paper materials based on various paper properties like thickness measurement, brightness, friction, tear testing, tensile testing, and many more. All these dimensions are tested to pass testing standards like ASTM, TAPPI, ISO among others.

Importance of Paper testing

Testing within the paper industry allows manufacturers to meet the necessary quality expectations like the strength of paper, water absorption qualities, bookbinding quality, etc. This process will allow for offering a compelling point of differentiation as compared to the competitors. Especially, where the quality of the paper is highly important. For example, companies offering 70 GSM paper have to fulfill the thickness requirements. So, thickness measurement equipment can be used to verify that the thickness is exactly the same.

Testing Instruments for the Paper Industry

Coefficient of Friction Testers

Model: C0055-M1 – Standard

Model: C0055-M2 – Variable Speed

Model: C0055-M3 – Variable Speed & Heated Platen

The standard C0055-M1 unit can measure Static COF (peak) from a resting position and continue to move testing surfaces in a relative motion to give an accurate kinetic COF (dynamic) result. The C0055-comes with the addition of variable speed from 50 – 300mm/min using a stepper motor for acuate variable speed control. With variable speed, touch screen operation & in-built heated platen, model C0055-M3 is most ideal for plastic film testing.

friction testing machine
Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester

Model: BT-21C (for cartonboard)
Model: BT-21P (for paper)

The Bursting Strength Tester determines the bursting strength of paper, board and corrugated board. It features built-in software, operated through the touch panel screen. The software allows a choice of testing units, as well as complete statistics, and RS-232 for connection to an external computer.

Coefficient of Friction Tester – Incline Plane

Model: C0045

This instrument is used to determine the coefficient of static friction of most packaging materials by measuring the angle at which one test surface begins to slide against another inclined surface as the incline is increased at a constant and prescribed rate. As the plane rises at a rate of 1.5° ±0.5°/s, the first sign of movement from the sled is detected by a micro switch, stopping the plane movement and recording the relevant angle of the incline. The test is frequently referred to as a slide angle. The coefficient of friction is numerically equivalent to the tangent of that angle.

friction testing instrument
Flute testing concora flutter

Concora Fluter

Model: C0013

The Concora Fluter is used to form test flutes as the medium in preparation for crash tests. The temperature is maintained at a constant 175°C. One roller is motor-driven at 4 r/min, while the other is free to rotate with a minimum of friction or other resistance. Variable speed option as available

Brightness Measurement Instruments

IDM offer a range of easy to use brightness testers which provide instantaneous digital read outs of TAPPI/GE brightness and measures optical properties according to industry standards including colour, opacity, fluorescence, TAPPI Brightness and colour difference.

ERIC 950
Beating Pulp Testers or Schopper Riegler

Beating Pulp Testers / Schopper Riegler

The Schopper Riegler testers are used for the determination of drain ability of pulp suspension in water. It is applicable to all kinds of pulp in aqueous suspension. The drain ability is the measurable index of the refining degree of pulps.

Cobb Moisture Absorption Tester (Ring & Roller)

The Cobb Moisture Absorption Test Ring and Roller have been specifically designed to help determine the quantity of water absorbed by non-bibulous paper, paperboard and corrugated fibreboard. It is not suitable for tests on un-sized porous papers such as newsprint or blotting paper.

moisture absorption testing instrument
Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge

Coating Thickness Measurement

Model: CTG-300

The Coating Thickness Gauge, equipped with aerodynamic levitation measuring head, provides a computer-enhanced method of rapidly assessing lacquer film weight of both internal and external coatings on beverage and food cans and also tinplate.

Clicker Press – Test Sample Preparation

Model: C0056 Series

The Swing Arm Clicker Presses are used for a wide variety of die-cutting applications. The most common uses are cutting soft to semi-rigid materials such as gaskets, leather, cork, rubber, elastic, foam, and other like materials. The SE 25 is completely hydraulic and is made of strong casting material to ensure powerful yet quiet running.

swing arm clicker press machine
Colour Check Cabinets

Colour Check Cabinets

Model: C0048 Series

Used to assess colour changes under different light sources, to determine the suitability of materials for industrial applications where there is the need to maintain colour consistency and quality. Fluorescent daylight, incandescent and optional black light may be used either individually or in combination.

Crush Tester

Model: CT-21

Crush Testers determine the compression strength of corrugated and fibreboard and their components. Operation is completed by built-in software through an easy to use backlit alphanumeric keypad. Optional accessories are available for Flat Crush, Edge Crush, Short Column, Pin Adhesion, Ring Crush, Corrugated Crush-Cross Direction etc.

crush testing instrument
Pulp suspension testing instrument

Canadian Freeness Tester

Model: CF-21

The Canadian Freeness is used for the precise determination of the drainability of a pulp suspension in water. The drainability is the measurable index of the refining degree of pulps, which is one of the most important stages in the paper production process.

Cutters – Test Sample Preparation apparatus

Model: C0024 – Cutting Dies (Tool Steel)

Model: C0025 – Cutting Dies (Ruller Type)

Model: C0038 – Cutting Dies (Flat Crush Test Cutter)

Model: C0022 – Cutting Dies (Cutting Press)

Model: C0034 – Cutting Templates – Stainless Steel

IDM Instruments has a wide range of Testing sample preparation devices as per testing standards including cutting presses, cutting dies & templates.

Testing sample preparation
Ring Crush testing instrument for paper

Ring Crush Test Fixture

Model: R0008

Designed to carry out the ring crush test for paper and board having an average thickness of up to 1000μm, for the purpose of MD ring crush, CD ring crush, liner or fair side. The test piece of paper or board is supported in the ring crush holder and subjected to edgewise compression between the platens of a crush testing machine.


Model: DSG-2000

Equipment for the laboratory wet disintegration of pulp and the correct preparation of pulp suspensions which allows for separation of interlaced fibers that were free in the pulp stock without changing their structural properties.

laboratory wet disintegration of pulp
Ink resistance testing equipment

Ink Rub Testers

Model: I0001 (Single Arm)

Model: I0002 (Twin Arm)

Units designed to determine the quality of adhesion, and scuff resistance of ink to paper surfaces, plastic and aluminium film. The method of operation is that a 2 or 4 lb weight with a clean white board is swept across the test piece for a set number of times, and then closely examined. Heated weights are also available.

Electric Incinerator

Model: DSG-2000

Equipment for the laboratory wet disintegration of pulp and the correct preparation of pulp suspensions which allows for separation of interlaced fibers that were free in the pulp stock without changing their structural properties.

Electric Incinerator
Drum Dryer

Drum Dryer

The Pulmac Speed dryer is used to rapidly pre-dry collected rejects or accepts from the Pulmac MasterScreen™. The Pulmac Speed Dryer speed-drys rejects and/or accepts within 2-4 minutes. The pre-dried debris can then be quickly measured in a moisture balance.

Densometer & Smoothness Tester

Model: 4340

This unit measures the porosity, air-permeability or air resistance of sheet-like materials. It combines the abilities of a low, standard and high pressure tester with a digital timer that provides a reading in seconds.

densometer and smoothness testing machine
Elmendorf Tear Testers

Elmendorf Tear Testers

Tear Testers quickly and accurately measures the tear resistance of sheet materials including paper, textiles, roofing products, film and foils. Various models are available: Electronic Mechanical and Heavy-Duty.

7-in-1 Environment Meter

Model: SP-7000

The SP-7000 is an all-in-one hand-held environment meter used for measurements for Air Velocity/Temp, Humidity/Temp, CFM, CMM, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Wind Chill & Heat Index.

Environment Meter (7-in-1)


IDM supply a range of Guillotines to suit various applications. Benchtop and free standing units are available.

Rapid Conditioning Cabinet

Model: R0013

The Rapid Conditioning Cabinet has been specially designed to pre-condition paper samples in an approximate 30 minute period, to the standard laboratory environment conditions by using the Laboratory air as the final conditioning process, prior to physical testing.

paper testing machine - rapid conditioning
Paper Schmidt Hammer

Paper Schmidt Hammer

Model: 3421-0000

PaperSchmidt is a rebound test hammer designed specifically for paper roll hardness testing. Irregular rolls and other defects such as corrugations and telescoping are caused by non-uniform paper roll hardness profiles are a major cause of lost production for both producers and converters alike. A reliable measurement of the roll hardness profile is of critical importance in deciding whether a roll is good or bad. Production staff needs to be able to test quickly and reliably and to interpret the results as efficiently as possible.

Water Vapour Permeation Analyzer

Model: W300 Series

With the Gravimetric Method, these units test the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of packaging materials, such as plastic film, composite film, co-extrusion film, aluminum-plated film, aluminum foil, infusion bag, sheets, paper, paper board, solar battery panel, cellophane, ceramics and porcelain, and various containers such as bag, pouch, bottle, can, bowl, box, widely used in the industries of food, pharmaceuticals etc.

Water Vapour Permeation Analyzer
technidyne Tensile testing machine for paper

Paper Tensile Testers

Model: Multiple

The PROFILE/Plus® Tensile is the first fully automated stand-alone Tensile instrument which revolutionizes the way tensile tests are performed.  Gone are the days when operators need to spend long hours cutting and preparing samples for tensile testing.  Gone are the days when operators must perform countless repetitive tests just to ensure the statistical relevance of the results.

Thickness Gauge Digital Indicator with Stand

Model: T0013

Providing statistical results, this unit can be used on many different materials where an accurate measurement of thickness is required. Different options can be fitted to suit customer requirements including mm/inch gauge readout and special foot sizes.

Thickness gauge for paper
Universal Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machines

Model: F0025

IDM provides a range of UTM’s which feature multiple testing capabilities including compression testing and tensile testing. UTM’s eliminate the need of having multiple machines to perform various tests (i.e. compression and tensile). UTM’s offer versatility and the ability to set up dual tests to speed up test set up, production & ultimately reduces operator fatigue & possible setup errors.

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