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Model: Vantage ZDT

Z – Directional Tensile Tester by Thwing-Albert  is  a  compact  instrument  that  measures  the  internal fine  papers.  Z-Directional  force  provides an  indication  of  expected  material  performance relating  to  glue-bonding  of  carton  corners. As well as the  seams, delamination,  and  the  use  of  high  tack  coatings.  The ZDT Tester is a fully automatic that performs sample  compression,  dwell  time  and  ZDT  according to  TAPPI  T541.    A  self-adjusting  test  platen  ensures uniform  tension  is  applied  to  pull  the  sample  apart.

Z – Directional Tensile Tester by Thwing-Albert’s utilizes  cutting-edge  technology. Thus, the test frame integrates all electronics and controls. Enabling the connection to a standard  PC with a serial port is easy. this is because it does not require external control boxes or additional PC interface cards.

The ZDT Tester is only 250 mm (10 in) wide and 419 mm (16.5 in) deep.  Therefore, it  maximizes efficient use of lab space. A magnetic test-control keypad is easily moved. This is to provide the most ergonomic positioning for  the  operator.  Other  benefits include one-touch auto zero. Also, a software-based automatic calibration system.

ZDT application software, provided with the unit, utilizes MAP™. Which is a  Windows®-based  materials  testing  software  package.  It enables the user to quickly set- up test parameters including compression force, speed, dwell time and length of test. It also provides advanced  capabilities  for  database management and reporting. Test  comment fields  allow  the  operator to enter information after the  completion  of  the  test. Thus, it indicates test failure or other pertinent details. ZDT software automatically writes result data to other software packages. For example, Access™ and Excel™.

* Paper * Paperboard * Liner board * coated fine papers
* TAPPI T541 * ISO 15754
* ZDT test software included * One USB Interface to a PC * No PC interface cards * Serial load cell interface * Self-adjusting test platen * Automatic electronic calibration * Movable test control panel * Side electronics panel for easy servicability

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