Torque Test Stand Manual

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Model: TST / TSTH

These Manual Torque Test Stand are ideal for a wide variety of applications requiring up to 100 lbFin (11.3 Nm) of torque, including closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and more. Smooth hand wheel operation ensures ease of use and a lever-operated slider with travel stops makes engaging and disengaging samples quick and efficient. The stand includes a torque loading plate with tapped holes for grip and custom fixture mounting and an angle dial indicator with 2° resolution and unlimited angular travel. Manual Torque Test Stand have a modular mechanical design. Thus, allowing the stand to be configured for a variety of applications.

Specifications of the Torque test stand:

  • Torque capacity: 100 lbFin [11.3 Nm]
  • Maximum angular travel: No limit
  • Angular rate: 12° per hand wheel revolution
  • Angle indicator resolution: 2″
  • Maximum slider travel: 15.5 in [394 mm] (column extensions available)
  • Slider travel rate: 1.047 in [26.6 mm] / lever revolution
  • Weight (without optional equipment): TST: 33 lb [15 kg] / TSTH: 27 lb [12.3 kg]
  • Warranty: 3 years (see individual statement for further details)



• Maximum torque: 100 lbFin (11.3 Nm) • Maximum angular travel: no l imit • Throat: 4.10" (104 mm) • Angular rate: 12° / wheel rev. • Angle dial with 2° resolution (optional digital angle indicator has 0.1° resolution, see below) • Maximum slider travel: 15.5" (394 mm) • Slider travel rate: 1.047" (26.6 mm)/lever rev • Adjustable travel stops • Torque plate with tapped holes for grip and fixture mounting • Smooth hand wheel operation • Lever operated slider for engaging and disengaging samples

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