Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

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Model: T00015 - 3500

The computer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine is a kind of special high-precision testing equipment that is suitable for the tensile test, break test, cyclic test, proof load, elongation measurement of the chain, rope, steel wire rope, and electric fittings. The equipment can realize automatic operation, and the test can be completed automatically by computer software. The equipment uses a load sensor and spherical centering device and then consists of a thrust cylinder, frame, lifting platform, etc. The equipment is driven by a special power hydraulic source, electro-hydraulic servo control technology, computer data acquisition, and processing, which can realize full-automatic closed-loop control. The equipment is composed of test host, oil source system (hydraulic power source), measurement and control system, electrical system, etc.

Design of the Horizontal tensile testing machine

The main machine adopts a horizontal frame structure, the stroke of the oil cylinder is 2000mm, and the maximum testing space is 9000mm. The two beams with the tensile fixtures, fixed beam, and thrust beam are precision processed with steel plate. The truss is welded with a thick steel plate and processed on a horizontal machining center. All auxiliary tools are finished after the heat treatment of alloy steel. The overall design bearing capacity of the frame structure is 5000kn, which ensures the precision, stability, and reliability of the testing machine.
The adjustment of the tensile test space is realized by moving the remote beam back and forth. For electric remote control, the beam movement can be controlled by close micro motion to make the positioning more accurate. At the same time, there is no need for manual pushing, which is fast and labor-saving. The two ends of the bolt are inserted vertically into the guide rail and the remote crossbeam by manual assistance. The operation of the bolt realizes the beam positioning and completes the space adjustment of the testing machine. It is very convenient to adjust the step distance to 500mm.

The high-precision load sensor used in the main engine has high comprehensive accuracy, high sensitivity, and good repeatability. After random calibration, the test will not be affected by an external force, which can ensure the accuracy of the test process and parameters. Calibration and calibration are simple and convenient.
The machine design has been fully considered in terms of beauty, convenience, and safety. For example, the test space adjustment is convenient and fast; the special fixture clamping is reliable; all parts of the testing machine are strictly antirust treated, and the surface of the pull rod is plated with hard chromium, polished and rustproof, so as to ensure the quality and beauty of the equipment, so as to satisfy the customers.

Hydraulic Power System

The integrated oil source cabinet is composed of a hydraulic pump station, oil source control, host control, and computer host, which is convenient for operation, maintenance, protection, and transportation. The computer, display screen, and printer can be placed in the integrated measurement and control cabinet, with a neat layout and space-saving. The maximum working pressure of oil source system can reach 25MPa and 30MPa respectively.

The oil cylinder adopts the bi-directional control oil cylinder with multi-channel sealing, and the main force of the oil cylinder is the jacking force. The cylinder barrel and piston are made of high strength wear-resistant materials, which will not deform, wear and leak for a long time. High quality imported sealing ring, wear ring and dust ring are selected as sealing elements.
The power source adopts an imported high-pressure gear pump to ensure stable system pressure and stable oil cylinder operation during long-term use. Energy-saving, reliability, safety, and environmental protection are fully considered in the system design. The oil source system adopts the components that meet the requirements of environmental protection.

The whole system adopts servo closed-loop control, high response servo valve, motor torque and speed stability, directional valve, differential valve, one-way valve, differential valve, etc, The valve core has fast response and high sensitivity, so it has good tracking, follow-up, adjustable and other functional characteristics. Under the control of a high-performance measurement and control system, accurate closed-loop control is realized to ensure the test speed. It is a hydraulic servo control system with the most advanced technology, the best quality, and the most high-grade configuration in the domestic testing machine.

Host machine

1. Rack use integrated steel plate welded frame structure; the main structure is comprised of front and back Clamp, oil tank, and front beam.
2. Manually push back clamp stand to regulate testing space
3. Outline is designed as a requirement of horizontal testing equipment; make the machine be steady, safe, and artistic.

Loading structure: 4000kN Hydraulic Pump loading

1. Single action piston and double-direction structure is made as precise processing technique.
2. Adopt imported SPGO-HBTS seal component to ensure low damp between piston and cylinder.
3. Use load cell measure axial test force, have high precision displacement measurement with encoder.
4. The top of the piston rod installed ball and socket bearing and flange plate connects it with a load cell.

Back Clamp Stand Displacement Measure Device

1. Back clamp stand is pushed manually to regulate testing space easily.
2. Displacement of back grip stand is driven by the movement of sustain dolly at the lead rail.
3. Testing space range: 500~7000mm.

Hydraulic Pump Package

1. One set 10L/min, 30MPa constant pressure pump.
• used in 4000kN loading system
• use a well-known brand motor, imported low noise, high-pressure gear pump.
2. Motor is equipped with a vibration damper (vibration reduction pad) to reduce vibration and noise.
3. Oil tank: whole sealing standard oil tank, 80L with oil temperature gauge, oil level indicator, precise press filter, and gas filter, additionally have oil temperature, oil level, and oil resistance protection and an indication device. The oil filter also can be equipped as a requirement of real conditions.
4. Strong current controlling system: operation and control console use desk structure, placed in testing and operating area, have special operation panel make operation easily. It will stop automatically or alarm for over-limit oil temperature, filter blocked, and over-low oil level.
5. Pipeline system: master cylinder loading, the hydraulic pipeline of grip actuator is connected with a high-pressure hose.

The horizontal tensile testing machine is available in different capacities.

Tensile test, break test, cyclic test, proof load, elongation measurement of the chain, rope, steel wire rope, and electric fittings.
Max test force: 3500kN Measuring range of testing force: 70~3500kN Accuracy of testing force ± 1% accordance with ASTM E4 Resolution of testing force: 1/500000 of maximum force and no subsection of all scale Testing space 500-9000mm (can be adjustable.adjust step distance is 500mm) Max piston stroke: 2000mm Displacement measuring range 1500mm The maximum no-load speed: 200mm/min Testing speed 5mm/min -100mm/min
Long life, Durable

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