String Potentiometers SG Series

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Model: SG Series

These precision string potentiometers range from 0-80 (2032mm), 0-120 inches (3048mm).

Available in 4 different types:

  • Voltage Divider – SG1
  • 4 … 20mA / 0 … 10VDC – SGD
  • CANOpen – SGH
  • CANBus – SGJ

Voltage Divider – SG1

The SG1 provides absolute linear position up to a 10-ft. stroke range. Constructed with a rugged polycarbonate body, this model is available in an 80-inch or 120-inch stroke range and offers optional IP67 protection for wet or outdoor installations and an M12 connector for easy installation.

The SG1 uses a precision high-cycle plastic hybrid potentiometer and an extremely durable spring-loaded stainless steel measuring cable to provide an accurate reliable position feedback signal over the entire stroke. With it’s slim design and versatile mounting bracket, the SG1 has been designed to ft into spaces no other measurment device can. For the OEM customer, custom mounting hardware and electrical connections are available.

4 … 20mA / 0 … 10VDC – SGD

Suited for IP76 (wet) environments, the SGD provides a user-selectable 4-20mA or 0-10VDC absolute linear position signal over an 80-inch (2032mm) or 120-inch (3048mm) full stroke range option. Signal selection is simply made by connecting the appropriate pins on the included connector or selecting the proper wires in the optional cordset.


A perfect solution for both OEM and single-piece user, this string pot provides an economically priced CANopen sensor for 80-inch (2032mm) or 120-inch (3048mm) full stroke range applications. This sensor is constructed with rugged polycarbonate enclosure, a stainless steel mounting bracket and universally accepted M12 connector for operation in both outdoor or factory dry environments. 


The economically priced SGJ provides linear position sensing over J1030 CANbus for OEM, mobile equipment and factory automation applications. Designed to withstand IP67 environments, the SGJ is constructed with a rugged polycarbonate body, and extremely durable spring-loaded stainless steel measuring cable and a stainless steel mounting bracket.

• Automotive • Building & Construction • Engineering & Manufacturing • Flight/Crash test applications • OEM
• Compact • Midrange • Available in 4 types • Stroke ranges: 0-80 (2032mm), 0-120 inches (3048mm)

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