Ozone Test Chamber

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Model: UA-2074

The Ozone Test Chamber consists of one main unit and a sub-unit. The main unit is inclusive of the operational panel, ozone generation module, ozone detection module. And air flow module, cooling compressor, testing chamber. Also, activated carbon cylinder and electronic mechanical system. Whereas the sub-unit supports use with a PC, monitor and printer. This machine is useful to test rubber products with static tensile deformation. For example, vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulating bush.

The Ozone Test Chamber is critical to study the effects of ozone on rubber. The instruments creates an artificial environment to test the effect on rubber. It does this by increasing the level of ozone in the chamber. This determines if the test sample of rubber is suitable to last. Or else, the rubber requires adoption of effective anti-aging measures. Thus, ensuring a long life of rubber.

To test, expose the test specimens to the sealed air in the ozone chamber without light. And with constant ozone concentration and constant temperature according to set time. And then observe the cracks on test specimens’ surface. Also the degree of change of other properties to evaluate the rubber’s ozone aging resistance properties.

These are useful to control quality of products. Especially in measuring quality control. As well as rubber, plastic, automobile production, packaging materials. Similarly, in research and inspection laboratories.

* ASTM D 1171 * ASTM D1149* DIN/EN 27326 * DIN 53509 * ISO 1431 * ISO 10960 * JIS K-6259
* Fully computerised: Ozone concentration, temperature, chamber humidity and its stability are controlled and dynamic monitored via computer ; * Ozone concentration recorded automatically which ozone being detected automatically 0.1 sec one time and being displayed on the computer screen per 2 sec ; * A modulus machine which simplifies equipment maintenance ; * Testing Chamber Capacity: 150L ; * Testing Chamber Dimensions: (L)60x(D)50x(W)50cm ; * Temperature Control: SU316 radiator type heater & PT1000 platinum sensor with PID control ; * Air-ozone Velocity over specimens 0.3-1m/s ; * Specimen Rack: with 9 specimen grips ; * Tension distance: 0-90mm, adjustable ; * Tension frequency: 0-30times per minute, adjustable ; * Rotation revolution: 50Hz – 8 revolutions per minute / 60Hz – 10 revolutions per minute ; * Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50/60 HZ ; * Air Compressor: with oil filter and humidity filter to be supplied by the user ; * Dimensions: Main Unit L180cm x W120cm x D105cm ; Sub Unit L74cm x W70cm x D100cm ;OPTIONS: * Remarks: Concentration: 1ppm = 100pphm = 1000ppb ; * Types: 0 – 1000pphm 0 – 30000pphm ; * Accuracy: 10ppm(<±0.25ppm) - 300ppm(<±7.5ppm) ; * Piston type air compressoe (including dehydrator, degrease and dust filter devices) ; * Ozone test chamber equipped with humidity setting – with automatic water supply set and PID humidity control functions ; * Supply with tailor-made model of an air in-out flow chamber ; * With Camera to display sample cracks: Model No. UA-2074C
Includes Ozone Generation System Includes Ozone Detective System

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