Laboratory Beater – VALLEY Type

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Model: VB-21

The VB-21 VALLEY Type is used to beat pulp with high repeatability.

This equipment successfully beats most types of pulps from hardwood short fibres like Eucalyptus to softwood long fibres like Pine.

* Technical Characteristics : Capacity 360g (O.D) * Tub capacity 23L * Contact force between roll and bedplate 105N * Rotation of beating roll 500rpm * Beater tub, roll, flybars, bedplate bars and working table are made of stainless steel * Pressure between beating roll and bedplate is accurately adjusted by exclusive integrated pneumatic drive and load cell system for measuring force applied on bedplate assembly * Beating roll is driven by a rugged and compact gear motor controlled by a frequency inverter which ensures standard relative cutting speed of 5m/s between flybars and bedplate bars with minimal maintenance requirements * Access for regular inspection, sharpening and cleaning of the bedplate assembly is done easily by a quick-operating clamp system * Closed beating loop driven by the refiner itself ensures that all the pulp is refined homogenously while it is circulating throughout the beater * Lower collection point with stainless steel ball valve ensures easy collection of beaten pulp and drainage of washing water from the beater’s tub during regular cleaning jobs * Supporting structure manufactured with welded steel profiles is epoxy painted and mounted on sturdy wheels for easy movement during cleaning etc. * The control panel offers programmable digital countdown timer, digital indication of temperature of the beaten pulp and digital adjustment of the force applied to the bedplate and rotation of the beating roll
* ISO 5264/1 TAPPI T200
* Dimensions: H: 1,100 mm W: 1,200 mm D: 850 mm Weight: 450 kg * Power supply: • 220 VAC, 60Hz, 1.1kW, single phase , Others available upon request * Air supply 2 – 6 bar, instrument quality, 0.1m3/h

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