Internal Bond tester

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Model: 1314

The Internal  Bond  Tester utilizes  the  Scott method to produce a high speed Z-direction rupture of  paper  and  paperboard. It is a dynamic test that measures and defines strength in terms of energy absorption.

Ideal for monitoring the effects of dry strength additives and to evaluate stock preparation and refining. In addition to correlations with customer complaints, in-mill  processing trouble-spots are of growing  interest.  Examples  of dry-end analysis are monitoring Z-direction strength deterioration due to calendaring or the application of  relatively  brittle  coatings. The increasing use of recycled fiber and dry strength additives in both paper and board open even more applications and create economic value for the test today. At the product research and development level, sequential photographs of the ruptures can further enhance analysis and understanding.

* Prediction of blistering of coated offset grades * Picking * Manufacturers flap failures * Delaminations * Ply separations * Other shock-induced failures.
* Scott Bond Method
* Stainless steel pendulum * AV-3 Microcomputer displays test resuts and statistics * RS-232C Computer Output * Magnetic pendulum release for positive positioning and repeatable drops * Pneumatic/hydraulic sample press insures exact control and equalization of the clamping force * Electronically controlled press time * Side knife-guides for easier and accurate sample preparation * Clutched, gear-driven tape dispenser * Calibration weight set and slide * Air Supply: 50 psi, 35 cubic inches per press cycle * Electrical: 120 V ±10% / 60 Hz @ 3 amps OR 240 V ±10% / 50 Hz * Dimensions: 610 mm x 559 mm x 407 mm * Weight: 33.5kg

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