Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle Counter

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Model: G0005

The Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle Counter is to measure the number of loose fibers (lint) shed from non-woven materials. Which is in a 30 second time period of flexing. It is important that non-woven textile materials must have a low tendency to lint. Thus, ensuring their quality. This instrument is also known as the dry state lint tester. 

Dry State Lint tester 

Gelbo flex tester with particle counter is useful to measure the lint and other particles generation of nonwovens. And also other textile materials in the dry state by Gelbo flex testing methods. The Gelbo flex tester provides twisting and compression actions for the specimen. This releases fragments and lint during flexing in the air stream. The machine records these and classifies them in the particle counter. This instrument is a fast and accurate instrument. This test is also useful for other materials like tissues.

The sample is subjected to repetitive twisting and compression cycles, the air is withdrawn from the testing chamber and particles in the air stream are counted and classified with the laser particle counter.


• Non-wovens • Wovens • Textiles • Healthcare • Hygiene • Filtration
• ISO 9073-10 • INDA IST 160.1 • DIN EN 13795-2 • YY/T 0506.4
• Gelbo Flex Tester • Flexing Chamber and Air Collector • Stainless Steel cutting template: 285mm x 220mm • Sample Mounting Fixture • Isokinetic Probe (Air Collector) • Particle Counter: Optional sizes available o 0.3 to 25.0µm o 0.5 to 25.0µm • 6 Sensor Monitor
• Easy to use • Cost-effective • Digital operation • Fast results • Accurate

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