Compression Tester (10 Tonne, 3-Point-Bend)

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Model: C0047

The 10 Tonne Compression Tester measures the bending / shear strength of large anode cores using a three-point bending method.  It allows samples of up to 600mm long and by 50mm in diameter to be tested for flexure.

• Annode Cores
• ISO 12986-1
• 3-Point bend fixture • Front & Side door interlocked for safety • Digital readout with peak hold function • 10 Tonne force capacity • Limit Switches • Sample Support Cradle • Hydraulic Ram • RS232 output • Electrical: 230/415 VAC @ 50 HZ • Dimensions: 1,750mm x 750mm x 750mm • Weight: 180kg
• Easy to use • Fast results • Accurate

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