Carton Crease Proofer

This user friendly unit allows the operator to quickly produce quality carton board crease samples without committing machine time.

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Model: C0053

The Carton Crease Proofer comes complete with robust rules & dies. Which are of the same quality of those used with a full scale cut and crease machine.

The Carton Crease Proofer is useful in ink laboratories. This is because it assists the development of flexible coatings. Which resist cracking on commercial cartons. Thus, allows testing the quality of crease samples. It is quick and easy to do so. The crease samples can be cut using our ruler dies. 

This machine determnines the quality of printing on commercial cartons.

• Carton Board • Ink / Printing
• Substrate: Suitable for any substrate 300 - 1000µm • Creasing Rules: 2 PT, 3 PT, 4 PT • 18 Crease Channels: 1 - 4mm • Crease Depth: VariableRELATED ITEMS: • C0039 Crease & Stiffness Tester • C0016 CST Cutter
• Control Substrate Quality • Determine Ink & Coating Flexibility

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