Cable-Extension Transducers (String Pot) PT1 Series

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Model: PT1 Series

These precision Cable Extension Transducer string potentiometers range from 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-50 inches (1270mm).

Available in 6 different types:

  • Voltage Divider – PT1A
  • 4 … 20mA – PT1MA
  • 0 … 10 VDC – PT1DC
  • Incremental Encoder – PT1E
  • CANBus – PT1DN
  • RS232 – PT1232

Voltage Divider – PT1A

  • Range: 0-2 (50.8mm)
  • 0-50 inches (1270mm)

The PT1A is perfect where space and money are limited. The PT1A is part of the compact line of cable-extension transducers. Using a high cycle plastic-hybrid potentiometer, the PT1A provides a precision voltage divider position feedback signal for full-scale measurement ranges from 2 (50.8mm) to 50 inches (1270mm).

4 … 20mA – PT1MA

  • Range: 0-2 (50.8mm)
  • 0-50 inches (1270mm)

The PT1MA addes 4 … 20mA position feedback signal to the cmoapct line of cable-extension transducers. The PT1MA is available with full stroke ranges from as little as 2 inches (50.8mm) on up to 50 inches (1270mm) with adjustable zero and span settings to precisely match the dull scale output to your exact measurement range.

The PT1MA offers several options including forward and reverse 0…20 and 4…20mA output signals, alternate measuring cable exits and a couple different electrical connection options.

0 … 10 VDC – PT1DC

  • Range: 0-2 (50.8mm)
  • 0-50 inches (1270mm)

The PT1DC can operate from an unregulated 14.5 to 40 VDC power supply while providing an output signal that is proportional to the linear movement of it’s measuring cable. The PT1DC has a maximum measurement range up to 50° and has 4 output signal options to choose from: 0…10, 0…5, -10…+10 and -5…+5 VDC.

Just like the rest of the PT1 series, the PT1 series, the PT1DC also offers several options including forward and reverse output signals, zero and span adjustments, and alternate measuring cable exits.

Incremental Encoder – PT1E

  • Range: 0-25 (635mm)
  • 0-50 inches (1270mm)

The heart of the PT1E is an incremental optical encoder which delivers a quadrature formated digital pulse train. This compact transducer is available with several resolution options for a wide variety of applications from high accuracy position feedback to slow velocity feedback requirements.

The PT1E has many options available including full stroke measurement ranges from 0-2 inches (50.8mm) up to 0-50 inches (1270mm), different output drivers and alternate cable exits.


  • Range: 0-2 (50.8mm)
  • 0-50 inches (1270mm)

The PT1DN communicates to your PLC over DeviceNet and provides a precision position feedback signal for full-scale measurement ranges from 2 (50.8mm) to 50 inches (1270mm). Because the PT1DN uses a potentiometer as its sensing element, the position signal is “absolute” and does not have to be reset to a “home” position upon startup.

RS232 – PT1232

  • Range: 0-2 (50.8mm)
  • 0-50 inches (1270mm)

The PT1232 delivers position feedback via RS232 serial communication to your data acquisition or controller system. The PT1232 sends a raw 16-bit position count from 0000 to FFFF (hex). Additionally, this device can be set to continuously send data or send data only when polled.

As the internal position sensing element is a precision potentiometer, this transducer maintains current accurate position even during power loss and does not need to be reset to a “home” position”

• Automotive • Building & Construction • Engineering & Manufacturing • Flight/Crash test applications • OEM
• Compact • Available in 6 types • Stroke ranges: 0-2 (50.8mm), 0-50 inches (1270mm)

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