Maintenance & Calibration

IDM Maintenance

The IDM Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PM&C) program has been designed to make the maintenance and calibration of your valuable testing equipment more cost effective by preventing breakdowns and downtime by regular calibration, service and replacement of defective parts.

IDM’s PM&C system takes care of all service and repair needs you may have.

It is an on-site maintenance and calibration service available on a regular basis, suitable to your needs and your testing equipment.

The PM&C program is the best way to ensure your testing equipment is maintained in optimum working condition. PM&C team members are supplied with the necessary means to sustain your testing equipment’s peak performance throughout its lifetime, benefiting both you and your equipment. Testing equipment in your facility (or at IDM) will be calibrated using industry-wide, internationally recognised standards or by your specific requirements. Calibrated instruments are labelled accordingly and documented with an IDM full calibration report or certificate of conformance (whichever is applicable). All calibrations are maintained in IDM’s calibration database and you will be notified when your next service/calibration is due.

Through this system of scheduled PM&C, IDM can help you improve productivity by reducing down time, minimising unscheduled maintenance and the need for service calls. We schedule in agreed dates and periods for the PM&C program, and give you prior notification so you have time to prepare yourself. This service is available in Australia only through us at this point of time.

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