Micrometer for Plastic Films

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Micrometer for Plastic Films

Thickness is a key characteristic of plastic films.

This unit is very user friendly through operation of built-in software, alphanumeric backlit display and membrane keyboard as well as motorised automatic cycling with programmable interval time between each test.

The Micrometer features selectable units (mm; µm; mil – 0.001in) and offers complete statistics, a parallel port for connection to a printer and RS-232 port for connection to a PC.

* Plastic Film
* ASTM D374M-94
* Range of measurement 0 – 2,000 mm * Resolution 0.001 mm * Pressure 70 kPa * Contact Area 0.73 cm2 * Lowering Speed 1.5 mm/s * Measuring Time 3 s * Electrical: 220/240 VAC @ 50 HZ * Power Consumption: 200W * Dimensions H: 380 mm x W: 325 mm x D: 375 mm * Weight:18 kg
* Easy to use * Fast measurement speed * Accurate